An armchair look at potential Bull draftees

With the Bulls unlikely to make major moves this off-season, Bulls fans ought to get used to the idea of the Bulls drafting a guard with the 29th pick. Fortunately this draft looks deep especially at the guard spot. The Bulls could land a potential starting caliber player with this pick much like they did with Taj Gibson and Omer Asik. Here are some of the guards I like. I am not one who thinks they need an upgrade at point so i didn't include pure point guards in this list, seriously just bring back CJ Watson Gar.

Will Barton SG Memphis College PER 26.88: I like Barton despite his thin frame and ordinary athletic combine numbers. I like him because of his diverse skill set (18 and 8 boards last year with solid steal, assist, and block numbers) and length. He may lack the explosive athleticism to score a lot at he next level, but he can fill in the blanks and be the secondary play maker the Bulls need.

Doron Lamb SG Kentucky College PER 18.94: He is an elite shooter who is used to producing in a secondary role, which is what would be required of for the Bulls. He can handle the ball and shows some skill as a passer. He won't be a 20 point scorer in the NBA because he is a B- athlete, but I think he could an Arron Afflalo type guy.

Jeff Taylor SF Vanderbilt College PER 24.21: He's a premier athlete who isn't afraid to put his nose down and defend. He also improved his 3 point shot dramatically as a senior. There is a lot to like as long as you know that as 23 year old his ceiling is very limited. He can't make plays off the dribble and isn't very long, but I think he is the perfect rotation guy to swing between SF and SG.

Quincy Miller SF Baylor College PER 19.85: Doesn't play a position of need for the Bulls, but of all the guys who might fall to the Bulls he has the most potential to be a 20 point scorer. He is a good jump shooter and if his combine number are any indication he has fully recovered physically from his torn ACL(one of the rare current players who has had a slow ACL recovery.) He also handles the ball well so he should be able to get to the hoop. 6'9 athletic jump shooters don't come around every day and if Miller is available the Bulls have to take him. I don't know what else he will be good at, but I would be shocked if he struggled to score on the next level.

I am not crazy about John Jenkins (too one dimensional would have to a GREAT shooter to contribute for the Bulls.) Orlando Johnson seems slow when I watch him and I think he will be a spot up shooter in the NBA who isn't the 3 point shooter that Jenkins or Lamb is. Tony Wroten intrigues me because guys who can get to the lane and pass are valuable to an offense, but I worry about how wild he plays and obviously his horrendous shot.

Jeff Taylor and Doron Lamb seems like the safe picks to me, while Miller and Barton have a higher ceiling, but more concerns about where they will fit in the NBA. It will be interesting to see which way the Bulls go.

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