Optimistic Plan for the Pessimistic Situation

Well, since the draft is tomorrow, I hoped I can givemy two cents regarding what the Bulls should do this offseason. First of all, this is not some kind of happy, we-can-get-anyone-we-want post; hell, I don't think it is even positive. We all know the Org won't go into the tax (I don't if they would have even if we won this year) adn they probably won't commit to long-term salaries. After the jump, some ideas about what the Bulls might consider doing considering their cheapness, I mean, preservation of "flexibility".

1. Don't Amnesty Boozer: Yes, he sucked in the most important game of the year. And he's declining. And still shouting for no reason. But in a season in which offensive firepower is going to be needed, a guy who can guarantee 14-16 points a night is a necessity. Plus, I don't see getting anyone in FA better than him right now (at least with the MLE), plus I don't see the Bulls paying him for 3 years to play somewhere else.

2. Decline options on Korver and Brewer, pick up CJ's option: I think the first two are given: the Bulls won't go above the tax. But CJ's contract is cheaper, and with a couple of moves, they can squeak by the Luxury Tax and pick up his option. The good thing about CJ is that he knows the schemes and can play as a combo guard, which might be a necessity considering Derrick's injury and Rip's flailing body. Which leads me to my next point...

3. Sign Captain Kurt to the VE: Kurt is a below average player and shooter that has seen his production decrease in the last few years. So why signing him? He can play two positions, bother the hell outta Dwyane Wade and a good locker room presence (Org. bonus!). He can play a Bogans-kinda role for the Bulls (yep, that Bogans).

4. Sign and Trade Omer Asik to the Cavaliers: This is the hard one. I'm a huge Omer fan and would love to see him next year: however, he plays about 15 minutes a game. So what do the Cavs give us? Their lousy two 2nd round picks (with maybe a future second). This would help the Org. fill the last roster spots while staying under the cap (I know it sucks...).

5. Draft a shooter, a big man and best player available: With this move, the Bulls have three picks in this draft. I would like to see them drafting Will Barton, Draymon Green and John Jenkins. If any of them are unavailable, go for the next closest options (Ezeli, O'Quinn, Crowder, Lamb).

The roster will be as follows (when healthy):

Rose - Hamilton - Deng - Boozer - Noah

Watson- Burton - Butler - Green - Taj

Hinrich - Jenkins

According to my calculations, this would allow us to be under the luxury tax line (more or less) while fielding a competitive team that I believe could beat Miami (hard but possible). Hopefully the Org. decides to trade for extra salaries and goes all-in, but after seeing what happened before...

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