All that matters today is that the White Sox traded for Kevin Youkilis!

[Yanking these comments from JbJ because though it is sort of off-topic, it's a delightfully angry rant -yfbb.]

Never mind that the White Sox are constantly going for it despite nobody caring enough about them to actually show up to their games, while the Bulls, with the best record in the league two years running, and sell outs every night, have to auction off their best players like they fucking play in fucking Albuquerque, no, today is a great day!

(and I realize the Sox aren't paying much for Youklis, so spare me the lecture Sox fans)

This is more of a goof, but I think it's somewhat indicative of the larger issue

The bottom line for me is that he continues to dump money into the Sox, despite middling performance, and horrible attendance, while he can't splurge on the Bulls one fucking time (I consider "splurging" paying the tax). And even though Youklis is only a couple million bucks, it still somewhat highlights the divide between his two franchises. There's more of an urgency to win with the baseball team, and he's basically said as much. The Bulls are a fun little toy that he lets his son play with.

Although one big time similarity between the Sox/Bulls is the love for going with cheap ass unproven guys to coach/manage.

Signing Adam Dunn was a pretty big deal. Trading for Peavy was a big deal.

They might not make the real splashy signings, but their payroll is in the top 10 (or at least was in the top 7 or so last year, haven't looked this year), while their attendance has been at the bottom of the league.

But whatever, to be honest, I don't have a huge issue with the way the Bulls are run. I think they're smart for the most part. But a lot of the shit that's been tossed around this offseason is really fucking annoying. Just the perception that the Bulls "have to" trade guys like Lu or Noah to avoid the tax (and that perception is out there), is ridiculous for a franchise like the Bulls.

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