Rumormongering: Putting a plan of action together for the offseason

With the NBA offseason quickly approaching. We've seen a number of rumors regarding, not only our Bulls, but some other players that I and some others have seen as possible targets.

In this post, I will highlight some of these rumors and try to put a plan together, that would help us short and long term.

First, the rumors of interest:

Pau Gasol rumors --

Tyreke Evans rumors --

Omer Asik rumors --

First, I'd like to say that if it were up to me the team would be built around DRose, Deng, and Noah. But if this isn't going to happen then the team better get better and younger.

The first move I make on Draft Night is to trade Deng and #29 for Evans, Salmons, and #5. That gives us a young ball-handler that can take over the PG for DRose while he's out and give us a 2nd ball-handler when he gets back. We also get a person in Salmons who could start at SF while our #5 pick learns.

With that 5th pick, you take Harrison Barnes. A younger version of Luol with a little more offense and less D, but he's no slouch on the defensive side of the ball. If he is gone, which is totally possible, I try to trade down and would look for Terrence Ross, or Jeffrey Taylor.My next step is to turn Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver, and CJ Watson into something of substance, since we're getting rid of them anyway. That's 13.2 mil in NG money next year, that somebody can use. I trade Korver to Dallas for #17 and Brewer to GS for #30, both teams under the cap so salaries don't have to match, and are trying to get more cap space to go after key free agents.

Now armed with 2 more picks and still having CJ in hand, I go knocking on the Lakers door. You want to get rid of Pau Gasol and will take less talent? Cool.

So, I send them an offer of Booze, Rip, CJ, and the 17th pick for Gasol and Andrew Goudelock.

Lastly, on Draft Night with the #30 pick, I take Will Barton or Orlando Johnson. Then make Jason Clark and Kyle O'Quinn priority pick ups afterward.

Now, you have Omer to deal with. Yes, he is worth 5 mil a year but he is not worth much more, and with Jo already making the big bucks at C, do you really want Omer sitting behind him making 10 mil or so in 2 years? I know I don't. I also don't want to let him go for nothing either.

Enter the Portland Trailblazers, looking to add a defensive C to combine Aldridge down low. Send Asik to the Trailblazers for Luke Babbitt, our old friend Kurt Thomas, and next year's 1st.

There you have it, an offseason dream, but also one that is very obtainable. The end result is a roster that looks like this:

PG (DRose) / Andrew Goudelock (LA trade)/ Jason Clark

SG Tyreke / Jimmy Butler / Will Barton (#30)

SF Salmons / Harrison Barnes (#5) / Luke Babbitt

PF Gasol / Taj

C Noah / Kurt Thomas / Kyle O'Quinn

Gives us a nice team, while DRose is out and a championship contender when he comes back. By making these trades, we stay out of the luxuary tax, because the teams combined salaries would come to around 66 mil, down from 75 mil which would be this team's salary if everyone was brought back. We still have flexibility moving forward, because Salmons deal basicall becomes a 1 year deal after next year and Gasol is gone after 2, instead of having to amnesty Boozer. As a matter of fact, when Gasol's contract is up is around the same time his Spanish countrymate Mirotic should be ready to come over. Kurt Thomas, Andrew Goudelock, and Luke Babbittare all basically 1 year deals, unless someone shows enough to deserve an extension.

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