Return of the Golden Boy?

I will certainly get killed for this, and maybe I should. Heck, just a short while ago I was bashing Kirk Hinrich and calling him a terrible player. I even have the evidence right here. I made two very lengthy comments about Hinrich's abysmal play. So, when I now advocate the return of the Golden Boy, I am sure to catch plenty of flack and rightfully so. I implore you to hear me out on this one and then have at me if you will.

There are many reasons why I advocate a return for Hinrich at this point. First, our organization is cheap and does not have a ton of flexibility at this point. Unless you advocate an amnesty of Boozer (which doesn't seem to make sense at this point, but let's just ride off the assumption that Reinsdorf will not pay someone to play for another team), we will not be able to get enough cap room to sign a guy like OJ Mayo or even Jamal Crawford. Second, the Bulls will likely let go of either Brewer or Korver to save some money. My guess would be Brewer, but we can't be sure. The Bulls will want to stay out of the tax next year in what will likely be a rough season without Rose. Third, Rose will probably be out half or more of next season. this leaves the Bulls with a gap at point guard and shooting guard if Brewer is gone.

Here is why Hinrich makes sense. He is a point guard, but he can defend both PG and SG. This would be great for when Rose came back. It offers the flexibility of playing Rose/Hinrich together if necessary due to injuries foul situations or just the need for a secondary ball handler. Hinrich is a solid shooter. He hasn't been below 35% from 3pt range ever in his career, and has had several seasons above 40%. Hinrich is also a better passer than CJ Watson. Look here if you don't believe me. He has a higher AST% by tons while maintaining a comparable TOV%. The reason Hinrich's AST/36 numbers are down is because he has played at SG for a larger percentage of time. His AST% speaks volumes. Also, Hinrich is a lock down defender. The Bulls will have to be a near perfect defensive team next season to keep a solid record. How good of a defender would Hinrich be in Thibs system?

To summarize:

  • He could probably be had for the right price.
  • He is a good shooter.
  • Can defend two positions, which allows for flexibility when Derrick returns.
  • He would be an amazing defender in Thibs system.
  • He may perform better in Thibs offense.

I'd love to see Steve Nash as well, I just don't think it will happen. Nash/Rose backcourt would be great offensively, but potentially terrible defensively. Alright, I am ready to get killed for this. I'd also like to add that the last two months of the season, once Hinrich had fully recovered from injury and was actually starting, his FG% and 3pt% both increased by more than 10%. He was a much better player once he got time.

Alright, have at me

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