Can't Stand Pat, but Let's Not Go Crazy (Bulls/Kings/Mavs trade idea)

If the Bulls stand pat, what you will get is a team fighting for the 6-8 spot in the playoffs maybe not even making it. All this while paying the Luxury tax for resigning Asik. I love Omer but he's not worth $5mil/year.

If we blow things up and trade Noah and/or Deng, we better get a whole lot more than draft picks in exchange. Who are you going to get in return? Eric Gordon, maybe, but is he truly worth it? No one else is out there at the moment.

There has to be a middle ground, and of course I've found an option. A way to build on the core of DRose, Deng, and Noah, while still weathering the loss of DRose and Deng. How could we get younger (also cheaper) while allowing for one more big addition when Boozer catches amnesty.

Take a leap of faith with me...

The first domino to fall has to be Omer, and this has to be played right. There will be a number of teams interested in his services. There was a post earlier that outlined at least 7 teams, some under the cap, some over. One which is over that caught my eye is Dallas. It is well known of their desire to sign Deron Williams, they will be trying to save as much as possible for a free agent run. Shawn Marion and Brendan Haywood have been in trade rumors, I know Mark Cuban and company aren't scared to make a move. I keep this in mind.

Next, what would help this team as composed the most? Of course, a SG, but with injuries we need SG who can handle the ball and score in nice doses. Three canidates jumped out Eric Gordon, OJ Mayo, and Tyreke Evans. They all could be available this offseason for the right price. The Hornets price may be too rich, I expect draft picks will be premium for them. Mayo is obtainable, but do you really want to have him shoulder a big load? That leaves Evans, who for some reason, is on the outs with Sactown. They're probably in the "be competitive" mode, with the new arena issues. That would mean they are looking for players now rather than picks. That's perfect.

The plan is this:

  • Sign and trade Omer Asik to Dallas for their 1st round pick #17.
  • Then swing a 3 team trade with Dallas and Sacramento.
  • Dallas gets John Salmons, Ronnie Brewer, and Kyle Korver.
  • Sacramento gets Shawn Marion, Brendan Haywood, our 1st round pick #29 and the CHAR pick
  • Chicago gets Tyreke Evans, and Sacramento's 2nd round pick #36

That gives Dallas solid options at the SG to start next to DWill, gets rid of Marion and Haywood's contract, and they can cut Korver and/or Brewer if extra space is needed. Sacramento gets a perfect fit at SF running next to Thomas and Thornton, and add a serviceable C, so now they can slide Cousins to his natural PF spot. They're under the cap so adding a little salary won't hurt. It gives the team a winning veteran presence in Marion.

It gives us a legit scorer at SG, one that handles well enough to run PG. Athletic enough to be a lock down defender, and he's gotta be hungry for success. Sweet part is, he won't be up for an extension until next year. When hopefully we can cut Booz and use that money to pay him and Taj.

That leaves you with this lineup going into next season:

PG: Watson / ?? (DRose won't be back til March I think)
SG Evans / ??
SF Hamilton / Butler (Deng will probably miss the 1st 2 months or so.)
PF Boozer / Gibson
C. Noah / ??

With the 17th pick, you take Dion Waiters, SG/PG from Cuse.
With the 36th pick, you take Will Barton, SG/SF from Memphis.

In free agency, sign Marcus Camby with the MLE and sign good ole Capt. Kurt with the $2.5mil exception. That fills in the gaps and gives you a chance at a mid seed.

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