We Can Rebuild Them-Primer

This was at first just going to be a fanshot, but i figured id get hammered with yfbb's catch phrase, so i decided to just make it a fanpost. I could think of an idea of how to rebuild this bulls teams, but honestly I'm not smart enough. I think finding trades with teams that make sense is a lot easier as fans, but rebuilding teams is extremely tough. Most fans would suggest gut the roster keeping only key guys and start from scratch, but we all know these things are always far more complex than that (humans have feelings and things) and things dont always play out like in 2k games.

That said, for all those who are smarter than me (and what i like about this blog is that there are so many who are so much smarter than me ) who are likely going to want to hypothetically tackle this issue, here are a few great pieces of information (links), and some very important questions to tackle (my own)

The Information-

Chicago Bulls Complete Salary Information - This is a pretty easy to read chart that shows the current players salary structure and some good info on whatever options, Q.O's and Cap holds they yield. It took me a bit of time to find an updated one.

and this is the best estimation I could find of where the bulls (barring any trades and amnesties, and if every option and q.o. is accepted) will be at to start the next season. Information found here

Salary: $64,257,663
Cap space: -4,257,663

meaning cap will be at near 60 million (there have been rumors it will essentially be unchanged from this year, but I dont think its actually been confirmed to be true so the 60 million mark is a nice mark for worst case scenerios, but if you want to use the 58 million mark as a hopeful optimist, go ahead)

The Big Questions

Q1. Amnesty Boozer- Knee jerk reaction says hell yes, especially since learning that he is owed a whopping 15 million next year....but there are a bunch of things to consider. Will amnestying boozer get us under the cap, and if so how much? Is it better to have a sucky boozer as opposed to another sucky pf? What other big men options are there, and can they be had if we amnesty boozer? At this point a trade seems completely unlikely, due to boozer sucking and the length and size of his contract, so its simply the question to amnesty now, later, or never...

Q2. Cj and his Option- Knee Jerk reaction says dont accept CJ's option for next year...and I think its the right move. I understand Cj's merits, i think he did an honorable job this season. As a scorer, he was okay. As a play maker, he was okay. As a defender, he was okay. As a player, he was okay...and maybe thats the problem. Going into next season, without a derrick rose, having an Okay player start, might not be the best option. You can find an okay pg in free agency for less than what cj's option is probably worth (Kirk Hinrich?) but this team needs a real starting caliber pg at least for next season, and you probably have more options without Cj's contract on the books.

Q3. Korver or Brewer- I think its pointless to have both of them going into next season, again, not suggesting that either is particularly bad. Brewer has an unguaranteed contract, which makes him far easier to deal, and having butler makes him an easy out. Korver as a trade chip is extremely valuable, cuz any and every team would love to have a Kyle Korver, problem is...this also includes the Bulls. Getting rid of both would earn you 10 million more off the books..

Q4. Does this team stand a chance going into the next season as is- While right now it seems like a bad idea, this team is still a regular season warrior team. It's gonna be very good even without rose to start the season, and depending on what we get back from rose (if he even does come back next season) it will be probably better. This plan unfortunately (fortunately?) hangs a lot on what kind of rose we get back. Its a risky move, but if rose comes back even close to his mvp level next year come playoff time, its not that hard to imagine this team even more ready to win it all than this year....assuming everyone else remains healthy as well.

So thats all i have...hopefully smarter heads come up with smart ideas...i do look forward to this offseason and the next steps the bulls will take.

Go Bulls!

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