Bulls vs. Celtics: Bulls hope to stop Celtics recent mini-resurgence (Game Preview #56)

[Thanks to boyonthedock for the late-but-appreciated-all-the-same game preview. Game Thread at 8:30, though I'm guessing TNT's first game bleeds into the coverage of this one -yfbb]

Bulls vs. Celtics! Rose might play maybe! Celtics aren't dead yet! National TV! Charles Barkley! Excitement! 8:30 on TNT! Celtics Blog! Let's do this! Quickly!

Let's get right into this because I forgot the game was today so this is kind of last minute. The Celtics spent last night losing to the Spurs, which has been a popular NBA past time for quite a few years now. The Bulls just spent it straight chillin' , yo, so they should have that advantage. Celtics have been charging lately, going 7-3 over their last ten, even overtaking the fearsome Sixers for the 4 spot. But is this true resurrection or simply the death rattle shaking through the body before rigor mortis sets in?

At the 2 we have the ageless Ray Allen. Everyone's favorite sharpshooter (and Celtic, if that's saying much) has been his usual self this year, being classy and knocking down J's like its 2002. In my mind, I just shorten his name to Raylen because it sounds like Raylan, which is very apt. He's got an ouchie on his wittle-bitty ankle but he played yesterday, so I expect that to continue.

Paul Pierce and his world worst facial hair will start at the 3 with his vacant stare and awful beard. I just cannot get past it. As a well-bearded gentleman, I scorn those who cannot even muster up some respectable facial hair. He like sores pretty well and stuff but then I just get lost in his scraggly cheeks and can see nothing else.

Fuck Rondo.

Kevin Garnett is old. He is still playing. He is still playing well. Big surprise. Noah still doesn't like the guy much, I'd wager. I don't like him either. But he did this last year. Where does Blog-a-Bull's commentariat's sympathies lie in this case? I fall under the category of what the fuck was that?

Those are the usual suspects we have come to know and hate over these years. At center they were trotting Jermaine O'Neal's corpse out there as some kind of morbid joke, but his brittle bones predictably shattered into a fine powder, and now I guess Brandon Bass is the starter. He was part of that awful trade everyone made fun of a couple months ago for Big Baby Davis. He's been solid this year, if unspectacular. I see Stiemsma, a big white stiff from the official University of big white stiffs, Wisconsin, got a start a center, so that could happen. Other that KenyonDdooling, who would be a stretch to include anyway, that's all the people you need to worry about. [Looks like someone hasn't been inundated with the Avery Bradley experience -yfbb]

This feels like one of the thinner Celtics teams in my memory. I like the Bulls to win this one, and they better do it too. because I hate these guys, very very much. And the Bulls better hate them too. Except Ray Allen. He's OK. Have fun telling certain point guards to go fuck themselves.

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