Regular season says it will be tough, not impossible

I know we can't trust the regular season (we saw that last year) but I think we have more than enough reason to keep watching and having fun with the Bulls this year. Games against the teams we are expecting to play in the playoffs shows we have a shot at making a nice run in the playoffs. Maybe we can try to go at least as far as last year. This year's record shows we can win games, specially when we rebound well.

Let's take a look (sorry I messed up the order of the game):


@Philly – Bulls W by 5
DRose was fantastic on that one: 35 points/8 asssists. We won despite philly’s edge on the board (we let them get 50).

Vs Chicago – Bulls W by 9
No Rose on that one. Bulls were +14 on the boards and CJ scored 20 (and had 2 blocks!)

@Philly – Philly won this by 16
We were crushed on that one. Rose was playing, Deng was not. Rose had 18 (8-17FG) and 6 ast. We lost the battle on the boards (-6)


Vs Chicago – Bulls W by 2
Ugly game (76-74). Rose scored almost half of our points (30). This was one of those start of season games where Noah was so awful he barely played: 16 minutes and 4 rebounds.

@ Atlanta – Bulls L by 15
Rose finished with 8 points (3-10) in 28 minutes. CJ was out and John Lucas was had a team high 16 points.

Vs. Chicago – Bulls W by 11
Rose scored 23 (5-9 from 3pt). Bulls had a +10edge on the boards and that one was easy. CJ was out , JL3 had 10 points and Mike James had 7.

@Atlanta – Bulls W by 21
No Rose, no problem. When you have a +9 edge on the boards AND shoot a ridiculous 58% from 3 you can’t lose, right? CJ and Lucas were bad on that one (combined for 15 pts in 4-15 shooting) but Deng was on fire.


@Boston – Bulls W by 9
Rose played well with 25pts and 7asts. It was a massacre on the boards with Noah, Booz and Deng grabbing more rebounds than the entire Boston team.

Vs. Chicago – Bulls W by 9
No Rose on that one. Neither CJ nor JL3 played well but a +15 rebounding edge made it easy.

Vs. Chicago – Bulls W by 7
Another Roseless win. Another rebounding massacre (+12). CJ had 15/8

@Boston – Bulls L by 4
Rose sat that one. But CJ had 22/6. What killed us here was not having our rebounding edge. We were only +2 and missed 7 FTs. Deng was 3-12 FG on that game.

*fuck Rondo


@Miami – Bulls lose by 4
Rose had 34 but Miami still won

Vs Miami – Bulls win by 4
Rose didn’t play but JL3 had a career game and we won that

Vs Miami – Bulls won by 10
Rose played 25 minutes but only scored 2 points. He had 8 assists. CJ had 9 assists and 16 points in 27 minutes, in a ridiculous +38 performance

@Miami – Bulls lost by 11
Rose didn’t play that one. CJ had 2 points in only 3 shots (?!) and JL3 scored 16. Rip, Deng and Booz combined for 10-32 FG (31%)

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