Rosenbloom Grasping at Straws

Steve Rosenbloom wrote a piece this morning that truly made me believe that anyone could be a member of the media if they simply write well enough and are willing to frequently make very large mountains out of very small mole hills. Here is the full article. Basically, Thibs said that the they, the players, "let go of the rope" in last nights game. Rosenbloom then goes into this big thing about how Thibs might as well have said that the players quit because that's the same thing. He has some real gems in this article (in case you don't want to read the whole thing).

But that’s the same thing. That’s quitting. That’s the most brutal thing a coach can say about his players.

No, Rosenbloom it isn't. First off, he didn't say quitting. He said they let go of the rope. You could interpret that as quitting, or maybe don't think like a guy who has a morning deadline for five seconds. He could simply be saying that his players had the game (the rope) in their hands and let it slip away (let it go). Putting a more positive spin on it, Thibs is saying that this game was theirs to win and they let an opportunity slip. Here is the full Thibs quote, for those that actually might not want to take something out of context for their own personal gain:

"We're a team that has shown great fight all year, great resolve," coach Tom Thibodeau said. "The last two games, I felt we let go of the rope. We have to get that edge back. Right now, we're not playing well. We have to work our way out of it." link

He starts by acknowledging that they have fought hard all year. He explains that he thinks the team isn't playing with edge. This does not read to me as him saying players quit. Perhaps he is talking about a lack of energy or execution, but I simply don't read quit into this. Also, he says "we" throughout and not "they". Thibs includes himself in this. If something is going wrong with the team, I am certain, from all I've read about the man, that he holds himself responsible. The man's self-efficacy is through the roof.

Going back to Rosenbloom's quote, there are plenty worse things one can say in a post game interview. Thibs never throws specific players under the bus. Hell, he could have cited Rip's turnovers specifically as killer, but he didn't. He could have thrown CJ's poor performance in there, but didn't. They, he and the players, are a team. They win together, they lose together.

Think a lot of players appreciated that kind of lovely parting gift? Think a lot of players will remember it?

I think they'll only care if you make a big deal about it. And even then, I doubt it.

Thibodeau’s charge seems harsh given their record, the best in the conference. It seems harsh given the absence of reigning MVP Derrick Rose and the hologram that has been Richard Hamilton, which is your starting backcourt in a previous life. It seems harsh given that games remain in a ridiculous regular season.

Yup, Thibs is being way too hard on them given that Rose is out. This team is certainly not capable of beating the banged up Rocket's without their MVP, even though they dismantled the Miami Heat without him. You should always expect the best out of your team, and Thibs didn't get that last night. Perhaps I'd even agree with Rosenbloom if it weren't for the fact that when questioned about the Rose injury, Deng echoed the same sentiments as Thibs. Watch the video posted above Rosenbloom's own article if you don't believe me.

Or maybe he created one of the worst problems at one of the worst times.

No, Steve. It seems as if you are the only one trying to make this into a problem. Maybe next time, find something better to write about and stop trying to create problems where there are none.

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