A World Without Rose

So now that we've had a little time to let the news sink in, let's begin to talk where we go from here. This injury like YFBB said, could very possibly have career altering ramifications. So as we begin life without Rose, we should begin to wonder just how long we might have to live in this world without Rose.

The way I see it, the Bulls organization has a few options depending on Rose's status going forward. I see three clear options though.

Option A: Hope Rose can be the same and continue to build on.

Here's the one that involves a lot of praying and hoping that Rose comes back in 6-8 months and is the same player. Likely our plan would be derailed for this season obviously but we would likely still have our championship caliber core stil intact. We wait for Rose to return and if he's the same then we just see what we can sign in the off season to bolster our roster. Maybe someone like Ray Allen if we could clear some space by shipping Ronnie or Kyle out over the summer. This obviously would be the most positive outcome out of this nightmare situation but also probably the least likely.

Most likely Rose will return next season but may never be the same MVP level player that he was before yesterday. If that's the case I see these two options as the only choices going forward.

Option B: Go hard after Steve Nash.

We'd still have a championship core together with a slightly not as perfect D-Rose. Why not go after Nash? Nash proved this year he can still play at a high level and a deadly shooting point guard who can run offenses like few others would be absolutely perfect if Rose were to be missing or not at full strength. Our championship window with this current roster isn't going to be open for very long with Boozer getting older and the backup bigs expecting big paydays soon. I think going after Nash would give us a good 1-2 year window to make a run at at least a title or two.

Otherwise there's

Option C: Blow it up.

Ship off Boozer. Ship off what else you can and blow this shit up like the Blazers did midseason this year while waiting for Rose to recover and just give him the whole next year to recover. We could blow it up for one season and try to unload Boozer's ridiculous contract. From there we could rebuild around Rose and whatever else we have left and maybe a top draft pick as well going into 2013-2014. Rose may not come back the same player but he would still be a very good player and very young and a good centerpiece for a franchise still.

So what do you think guys? If this world without Rose lasts, what is the best option going forward?

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