Fear and Loathing in Chicago

Hola folks, it's the eve of the playoffs, and it's very late at night (early?). Which of course means I'm sitting here alone (maybe crying) pondering the fate of our favorite basketall team. This will probably not come as a surprise to most of you, but I'm a little nervous.

To be a little more specific: The thing that slightly perturbs me about our Bulls, and the thing that I keep coming back to, is that, one of the main reasons the Bulls are great is because of their rebounding. Particulalrly their offensive rebounding. Yet, that rebounding advantage is not due to a physical edge. For example, if we had a front line of Bynum and Gasol, and had the number one offensive rebounding team in the league (which we do) I would say "Well fuck yeah, that makes sense, we're bigger than all those fuckers". But that is not the case with the Bulls.

The Bulls, for as talented as their front court is, does not possess the physical or size advantages that lead you to believe they should be dominant. Which also makes me think, perhaps incorrectly, that our rebounding edge is something that can be gameplanned for, and taken out of the equation (at least for the most part).

So, once that advantage goes by the boards (no pun intended, I think) what are we left with? An offense that is mostly predicated on jumpshooting, (sometimes brilliant) passing, and the abilty of our injured superstar to give us efficient offense by getting to the free throw line. Is that enough? Is Derrick healthy enough to be that guy? I dunno. And this leads me to my larger point, and the reason that I'm nervous (and maybe crying):

The NBA, in large part, is a pretty simplistic league when it comes to separating the contenders from the pretenders. Find the team that possesses the most physical advantages, and most "efficient" players, and you probably found your champion for that particular season. The Bulls, as great as they are, probably don't rank in the top three or four when it comes to that measurement. They are a "team" in the truest sense of the word. But for as much as we've been spoonfed how important it is to be a true "TEAM", it's kinda bullshit.

The Heat (i.e. shitheads in South Beach) are limping into the playoffs right now. They've had some truly horrendous losses in the past month. Meanwhile, they're probably the runaway favorites to win the title this year by Vegas, and all of the "experts" and prognosticators. And even though that pisses me off, you know what? They're probably right. They have more talent than anyone, and when shit reeeeeeeally gets real, talent wins. Be it getting a benefiial call from the refs, or hitting that one crazy jumpshot that makes the entire city of Chicago say "fuck.", or even when that evil bastard Lebron switches on to Derrick defensively and he actually looks human as opposed to the God that we've built him up to be, the talent eventually shows itself in some form.

As much as I hope, and pray, and truly belive that the last "Gif party" of the year will be to celebrate the seventh banner being hung at the UC, I just can''t get it out of my head that the Bulls, as awesome as they are, simply don't have enough talent on this team to get it done.

But in the end, I'm a Bulls fan. A die-hard Bulls fan. Which is why I spend so much time perusing this site with all you people whom I can only presume are murderers, and drunks, and postal workers, and whatever it is that Souleater is. So, as we go into this first series tomorrow (at an un-Godly hour. Fuck you David Stern), I will root my ass off. We WILL beat the Sixers. Then we will beat the Celtics and that evil alien. Then we'll take out those fucking abominations in South Beach. And in the very end, we will defeat whatever foe rises from the West. And I truly believe this. Because I'm drunk. And because.... I'm a Bulls fan.

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