Around the NBA 4/24: Bulls could clinch in the East.

Unfortunately, it looks like both Miami and Boston will both be resting some starters tonight, as they have been doing in games leading up to tonight, so it's hard to predict whether the game will be competitive in their game on TNT. Both teams still have a chance to improve their seeding, but neither seem overly concerned about it. Still, whoever is playing will probably take the game seriously, so if both teams sit some starters it could still be competitive. Go Boston! (So weird to say that.)

The L.A. Clippers and Atlanta both have seedings at stake too, and seem more concerned, so that might be the better game to watch, if you have League Pass and don't care so much about games affecting the Bulls. I'm kind of rooting for Atlanta, because if the Clippers lose they have no chance to overtake the Lakers and may rest their starters against N.Y., thus making it more likely that the Bulls will play the 76ers. But really, that's a stretch. I don't care that much, but I do think it could be a good game.

The Spurs have clinched best record in the West, so Oklahoma could rest their starters, and they will likely rest Harden. On the other hand, they could still play for a better record than the Heat, and they are at home against the Kings, who will play without DeMarcus Cousins because he reached 13 technicals. The Thunder have no chance to overtake the Bulls for best record, so this has zero impact on the Bulls, I can't even stretch to find an impact.

New Orleans has strangely chosen not to tank, which may cause them to jump quite a bit in the standings. I know why they didn't tank while the league owned them, but you would think the new owner might change direction. If they go from third worst record to seventh worst record, I don't see how that's a good move. They will probably beat tanking Golden State, and their game in no way affects the Bulls, so I would only watch if you want to see Eric Gordon in action.

Phoenix at Utah is almost a play-in to the playoffs, as these two teams fight for the eighth spot in the West. If Phoenix loses they are out; if Utah loses they still have a chance, but only if the Spurs go for the win against Phoenix tomorrow. Again, I'm stretching to find a connection to the Bulls, but if Phoenix wins they have more incentive to beat the Spurs tomorrow, which would assure the Bulls of the best record in the league. So I'm rooting for the Suns to keep their hopes alive tonight. This should be a good late game on TNT.

Here is the Enormous Consequences column. And here is the schedule (all times Central):

LA Clippers at Atlanta 6:30 PM
Miami at Boston 7:00 PM TNT
Sacramento at Oklahoma City 7:00 PM
New Orleans at Golden State 9:30 PM
Phoenix at Utah 9:30 PM TNT

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