Trade Deadline Options

The Bulls are in an interesting situation, they have the best record in the league, but still have doubts. Usually those 2 things shouldn't go together, but there also usually isn't a team with 3 of the top 10-15 players in the league that you have to face. Richard Hamilton was close to perfect when he was healthy, sadly he isn't and it's looking more and more like we can't rely on him. Without Hamilton you have to figure the front office understands we need some help. Unlike last year when it was pretty much either Mayo or Lee at the deadline, this year we have options.

1. Jamal Crawford: The Blazers are in a rut and don't seem to be in contention, Players are under performing and there are few bright spots. This mess has caused rumors from McMillain being fired to Crawford being on the trading block.

Positives: He would be a true 2nd ball handler for Rose to rely on, he can also create his own shot, play sg/pg, shoot the 3, and he has decent court vision.

Negatives: He's not a good defender, can be inefficient, might not mesh well with our style of play, and he's signed for 2 years (if you consider that a negative).

Cost (my guess): Trade 1. a 1st rounder and Korver. Trade 2. Taj Gibson and Korver(Portland never has healthy bigs) for Crawford and Big Sexy or Luke Babbit (to replace Taj)

2. Nick Young: The Wizards are well... The Wizards. It seems Young is not in their long term plans, and it's been that way for a while now.

Positives: Good shooter, good scorer, tall, he's young, and has shown he can light up the Miami Heat.

Negatives: He's not a very good defender, he's a horrible passer, he can be inefficient at times, and there is a strong chance that with his bad passing he will be a bad fit in Chicago.

Cost (my guess): Trade 1: Korver and a 1st rounder. Trade2: CJ and a 1st rounder.

3: Stephen Jackson: The Milwaukee Bucks are stuck in basketball mediocrity. Swapping Corey Maggette for Stephen Jackson was an attempt at changing that, tough luck for them.

Positives: He can create a shot, shoot the 3, can be very competitive, and if committed a lock down defender, plus it never hurts that he is an nba champion.

Negatives: He's hot headed, he's not always efficient, can be a diva, and he's 31 with 3 years left on his deal.

Cost (my guess): Milwaukee wants to get rid of him so badly that we could probably offer them anything maybe even Boozer, but that is a big change for a team that's as good as the Bulls. Trade 1: Kover and Brewer. Trade 2 (crazy and unlikely): Boozer and CJ for Stephen Jackson, Udrih, and Illysova.

4. Michael Beasley: The Wolves like Kevin Love and Derrick Williams, and Beasley doesn't seem to want to come off the bench for a below .500 team. The result? Trade Rumors.

Positives: He's younger than Derrick Rose, athletic, probably the most versatile scorer available, can play multiple positions, and has grown to 6'10.

Negatives: Can be dumb, doesn't play much defense.

Cost (my guess): Allegedly all they want is a first rounder. Trade1: 1st rounder for Beasley.

5. O.J. Mayo: This trade becomes less likely by the minute as it seems Mayo has found some peace in Memphis. Things between them just seem to have gotten better.

Positives: Good ball handler, 3 point range, he's young, overall offensive skills, not bad defensively.

Negatives: His value has increased, he's a bit small.

Cost (my guess): Trade1: Taj and Brewer for Mayo. Trade 2: Brewer, Korver, 1st rounder for Tony Allen and Oj Mayo.

6. Ray Allen: The Celtics' current era has come to an end, now all that's left is for the team to separate and Boston to rebuild.

Positives: one of the best shooters of all time, stays in great shape, decent defender, knows Thibs, and brings championship experience.

Negatives: He's older than Rip, and he's not much of a shot creator.

Cost (my guess): From what I've read The Celtics want young potential star players in exchange for their big 3. If not they would rather let the contracts expire on their own. That being said maybe Brewer,CJ, Asik, and Charlotte Pick gets you Ray Allen... then the question is, "is that worth it?"

7. Rudy Fernandez: Denver is a team built off the depth given to them from the Carmelo Anthony trade, they're full of a bunch of above average players, and this makes for good trading.

Positives: A good ball handler, shooter, and overall has a very creative offensive game, about average defensively.

Negatives: Very skinny, a diva, plays out of control sometimes, back problems.

Cost (my guess): Trade 1: Brewer and 2nd round pick for Rudy Fernandez and Kosta Koufos. Trade 2: Korver and 1st round pick for Rudy Fernandez and Kosta Koufos.

8: Gilbert Arenas: Chances are that his gas tank is on E. He would come play for the absolute minimum though, and we're cheap. Still it's extremely unlikely.

Positives: Beautiful shot, possesses superstar talent, veteran player.

Negatives: No longer has the physical skills to use his superstar talent, makes dumb off court decisions.

Cost (my guess): League Minimum.


Other solutions: D League, sign Mike James and make CJ a sg, move deng to sg occasionally (as in Beasley trade).

if you guys think of anyone else let me know and I'll give them a spot on here, plus give them a rundown.

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