Bulls vs. Nuggets: Both teams limp into Monday 'showdown' (Game Preview #50)

[Thanks to boyonthedock for today's game preview -yfbb]

Denver is currently tied for the 8 seed in the western most of the conferences. The Bulls are the only team that is definitely in the playoffs at this point. I'd have to check the rule book, but I think even if the entire team dies in a poison gas leak, Rasual Butler and friends will be wearing the red jerseys with home court advantage.

We basically have had a gas leak, as our starting guards are out, again. And the Bulls keep winning, again, because Thibodeau gave satan a dynamite hand job in 1997. I mean, if you have been following the Bulls closely this season you have probably noticed that everyone is hurt. Gallinari is out with one of the latest onsets of SIDS in history, pending Guinness approval. Rudy Fernandez will not make his triumphant return to the Bulls court after years of faithful service and a jersey retirement, as he will undergo a bakciotomy to end his season. Something called Kosta Koufous has tennis elbow of the knee. I think everyone in the league is hurt, but it just feels worse for the bulls because thats the team I watch all the time. I keep writing these previews and it is getting a little tiresome having to keep writing about injuries.

Denver is a lot more fun now that Internet Basketball Hero Javalington Mcgee has joined their roster. He even had a Luol Deng-esque put back buzzer beater the other night. I think. The once and future king of the NBA will be thrilling all of you with his dunks and blocks and bizarre decisions. Hopefully he does 3 awesome things and 3 amusingly stupid things tonight.

Ty Lawson is a fun point guard, and it would have been fun for him to back up Derrick rose, but how could you pass on James Johnson when he falls to you? He's playing well this year. Or maybe not. Hes scoring like 15 points a game, and they are winning fairly often, so I'm going to hazard a guess that he is. I do know that "Ty" is short for "Tyrus Thomas," but like Michael B. Jordan and Albert "Brooks" Einstein before him, YOU have to change if your name is second on the scene.

Aaron Afflalo, who I remember a lot of people declaring the perfect final piece to the Bulls puzzle, was considered "shitty" for most of the year, but his numbers look pretty solid to me at this juncture. Maybe he's gotten better just lately, but I don't know. The Bulls will retire his jersey at halftime.

But I guess they starting Mozgov? Faried? I see Al Harrington, who's done well off the bench, and freaking everybody has started at least a game for Denver this year. Only Demarre Carroll, Jordan Hamilton, and the great Mcgee have not started a game for Denver this season. Something called Julyan Stone wasn't wearing warmups at the start of the game TWICE this season. every one is hurt and I hate it and fuck the lockout. I like watching games like every other day for pretty much the whole season but their entire work force is just dying out there. It is crazy that a guy like MIKE JAMES has been in the league for 30 days this year. So I get to watch the matchup of B teams tonight , against a team that just bores me. I'm just not feeling Denver any more, and I was horrified to see that when I THOUGHT I was signing up for a pistons preview, I got stuck with the nuggets. Well, at least this one should be close, like the way a 6-7 year old girls rec league game is close. the good players are hurt, and it makes me sad.

Playoffs please come soon. and also all our players. Go to Denver Stiffs for a preview from someone who cares at all. I'm going to take a nap.

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