Questions from a Clippers fan

Hello Chicago fans!

As some of you league pass owners might know the Clippers have been abysmal with a 11-14 record since our starting 2 guard Chauncey Billips went down with an achilles injury and we are now on a 3 game losing streak with only one more loss bringing us out of the playoff picture

The consensus among Clipper fans is that Chauncey was the guy running plays on court, keeping the team together and doing the coaching that your former head coach Vinny Del Negro is responsible for

With Chauncey out the teams offense consists of throwing Blake the ball and watching him dribble the clock away, contested long twos and bricking the three ball

Occasionally we have a fourth quarter where the game is close and we'll hunker down on defense but those games are rare and almost non existent now

Now there's rumors that Vinny Del Negro will be fired and likely replaced with one of our assistant coaches but I worry that my teams problems go deeper than the lack of offensive playbook or defensive system under Vinny

My questions are

How did the Bulls go from a first round playoff exit team to a contender and conference finalist? Was Vinny Del Negro that detrimental to the team or is Thibodeau just that great of a coach?

What did defense look like under Del Negro? Did the team do a lot of ball watching and so on? Or did the team always have defensive anchors that just weren't being used properly?

What about the offense was your team relegated to jump shooting with no points in the paint like our team has?

Thanks any answers are appreciated

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