(Don't kill me for this. I really am just asking.)

I'm making this post, obviously, to ask about what is the general thought around here about Terrence Williams (formerly of the Rockets). I'm asking because personally I don't know too much about him. I have only seen him play less than a handful of times, but he looks like an explosive athlete in the least who may have something to offer. I scoped around Dream Shake and it seems that the general thought is that he a great player who can't put it all together (I guess J.R. Smith without the production or off the court troubles).

Good for T-Will, honestly. He needs a chance somewhere else and he wasn't going to get it here.

What a shame

Not that we cut him, but that a kid with similar potential to at worst a young Corey Magette and at best a Tracy Mcgrady will never meet it because of his immaturity. I really hope this kid grows up. No question he would have a starting job if he did.

He's a waste of talent.

Guys like him, Anthony Randolph, JaVale McGee and others are so physically gifted, yet they’re complete knuckleheads.

T-Will is just not there mentally.

Sucks to see him waived, I think he had something to give.

His career so far has been an odd trip to say the least.

Those are some of the things, I've gathered from there. Not saying that it is a likely scenario, but I really was just wondering what everyone else thought. Is he someone that has potential to be tapped into or is he an "avoid at all cost" kind of player? I know he was cut from Rockets for a reason. But the Rockets have a copious amount of wing players as it is so it's not too crazy that they got rid of the odd man out.

So what is the general thought?

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