Who is Carlos Boozer?

Notice, this post is not entitled "Carlos Boozer Sucks" or "Why the Bulls Can't Win With Boozer Starting" or "Why Boozer is Awesome and You Are All Just Haters" or "Boozer: Finals MVP?". No, this post is simply meant to determine who Carlos Boozer is. Not who he was, not who we wanted him to bee, not what we need him to be, but what he is. Let's get down to basics.

Carlos Boozer played for Duke and won a national championship. He was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round of the 2002 NBA draft. He played for the Cavs, the Jazz under fantastic coach Jerry Sloan, and now the Chicago Bulls. He plays power forward. He is 6'9 260lbs. He is very strong, but is "vertically challenged" when compared to many of his NBA peers.

Carlos Boozer currently ranks ninth among NBA power forwards in PER (assuming Cousins is a PF, hmm). Among PF's playing 25+ minutes per game, Boozer ranks third in TS%. He is twelfth in total rebound rate, and ninth in defensive rebound rate amongst that same group. He is also ninth in turnover rate amongst that same group, but only fourteenth in assist rate. He is assisted on a large percentage of his scores (similar to that of a Kevin Garnett or Ersan Ilyasova). These are the basics of his game. Take them for what you want. I'd love for him to be better on the offensive glass and get back to passing the ball well. Other than that, those numbers are pretty solid.

One of the biggest knocks on Boozer is that he doesn't show up against teams that are solid defensively (see last night's performance against the Spurs as an example). Well, let's dig into that. The top 10 defensive teams this year are the Sixers, Bulls, Mavs, Celtics, Knicks (WTF?), Hawks, Heat, Pacers, Blazers, and Grizzlies. Against those teams this year, Boozer is averaging 14.3 points on 52.4% shooting with 8.4 rebs in 29.8 minutes. On the year, Boozer averages 15.5 points on 53.1% shooting with 8.2 rebounds in the same number of minutes. So, against the best defenses, Boozer scores one less point per game and shoots a fraction of a percent worse from the field. I'd love to take at many other players stats against excellent defensive teams, but that does not seem like much of a drop to me.

Defensively, Carlos Boozer is better, but still very bad. In case you wanted to throw up in your mouth, here is how bad he was last year. He looks better this year, but still sucks.

Since I am writing this, I might as well give my own thoughts on who I think Boozer is. Boozer is a solid NBA power forward. Boozer is an efficient scorer and rebounder, although he is better when he has a PG to help him out. The biggest knocks on him seem to be that he feasts against poor teams and that he can't get his own buckets. The former I think is just ridiculous, and the latter is probably true. However, the average NBA starting power forward is assisted on 65% of their buckets. So, were you really expecting an isolation scorer at that position anyway? If you were expecting Boozer to be a guy who could get his own bucket, you obviously were not paying that much attention. Boozer has fluctuated between being assisted on 63% and 74% of his scores over the past six seasons, and when that number dropped, his TS% took a nose dive too (sorry for the brief look into who he was). He is a solid pick and roll guy and excellent midrange shooter (sixth best among starting forwards, both small and power, pretty damn good).

This is who Carlos Boozer is.I make no judgements on whether or not we can win a championship with him or anything of the sort. I just wanted to get all of this information out in the open, so we can start discussing Boozer for who he is, not who we wish he could be.

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