Throwing Shit At the Wall or Its Trade Machine Season

First, I have been wanting to post this since last night, but sbn was acting up for me so i was unable to. Then i finally sign on and find out From the window to luol posted a kick ass trade that beats the crap out of mine...I then decided to just post my trade in his post as to not create multiple trade scenerios, but after i was done writing and i hit preview, was pretty long. So i didnt want to disrespect that awesome trade thread with my own crappy trade that takes up an entire window, so i ended up making this fanpost anyway...

so without further ado, here it is

Its Oj Mayo and Sam Young for Cj Watson and Brewer.

Its not that oj mayo is some kind of answer, he really isnt. I wont even try to argue that hes some all-star, ive long considered that oj mayo at best is larry hughes with a better head on his shoulders. For the grizz oj mayo has been streaky, he sort of struggles with whether he should be a pg or a sg, but theres no question his mentality is that more of a sg than a pg. And that is why Mayo works well for the bulls.

Cj watson has two roles on the bulls. Hes either the pg for the offensively deprived bench mob, or he is playing the off guard next to rose to prevent traps. In both situations, cj is sort of at a disadvantage. In the former, the problem is cj’s pure scoring ability. With only kyle korver providing any real offense, cj has to consantly pick and choose spots to score, mainly off of jumpers. This stagnates the offense. For the latter, cj becomes a defensive liability due to size. Oj mayo however would not have these problems.

He might not be as efficient as cj in terms of scoring, and he may be a far spottier spot up shooter, but oj mayo still has some solid scoring instincts and has quite a bit of variety. He can attack the rim strong with his athleticism, he has a very fluid pull up jumper, and is a solid long range shooter (shooting .40 this year and .38 career).

The bulls bench offense usually consists of korver running off of many screens and cj attempting to get him the right pass or an open big while spacing the floor. Teams like miami are good at taking away the right pass or the open floor and cj is often stuck in a position where he has to create something, and its not his forte. Oj mayo in those iso situations would be right at home and would command enough defensive attention.

Next to rose, oj mayo is a solid defender and ball handler. Rose can give him the ball and know that oj mayo is capable of making something happen. Hes got sg size and athleticism and can handle the ball like a pg, and has improved his play making abilities.

So why is memphis giving up a guy that does so much, because they are getting an upgrade at backup point. For memphis, its been the opposite. The grizz need a backup pg more than a backup sg. They need someone who can run the offense, who can throw it down low to marc or zbo and just effectively initiate the offense giving conley some spells. The grizz have a bit more offensive fire power in their bigs, and they like working the ball inside and out. And cj fits that mold more, since it means less iso and more play running. Cj’s a better spot up shooter than oj mayo as well, and a good defender at the pg position. hes far more fitted for that backup behind conley.

The other two trade pieces are sam young and brewer. essentially both are sort of the same type of player, brewer probably being the better one. This move is more pro memphis, but its one i think chicago can afford due to jimmy butler. Butler i think has proven at least one thing, hes a good defender at the sf position. Sam young is a very good defender himself, but hes better at defending sgs than sfs at the moment. This is a shame because tony allen is also on the team and is head and shoulders above sam young. This move saves the bulls money, allows them to retain a defensive wing, and sweetens the pot for memphis. The bulls can now follow up by giving pryz that mle and still having emergency cap money just in case. So ultimately this is what the bulls look like

Player (min)

rose(36)/oj mayo(10) /jl3(2)
Boozer(32)/Taj (16)
Noah(35)/Asik (8)/ Pryz (5)

*Minutes are on the basis of IDEAL, and doesnt take account thibs favoritism.

The bench mob looks like:


offensively the bulls now attract a lot more attention on the perimeter which allows taj easier jumpers and asik more open space. You can easily slide korver to sg and put butler at sf as well. Ultimately the trade gives both teams bench an upgrade offensively, and having oj mayo as a 6th man as opposed to korver or cj allows you to have someone who can provide offense, ball handling, and defense at a solid level. Its a small trade, and maybe the bulls are overpaying, but they really arent losing anything in they need or any long term assets and gaining a potential 6th man.

So thats the trade. Doesnt compare to the pau blockbuster, but i think its something doable for both teams, and helps us ensure victory of the heats without losing depth or changing the system too much. Also, you can still pull out the howard trade as well...

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