Top 5 problems the Bulls need to fix.

So the Bulls have started off to a great start. Of course they have hit some rough patches, some really bad and some not so bad. But right now the Bulls are showing that they are a force to be reckoned with. Every team has some kind of weakness but it doesn't mean the problem can't be fixed. So that's why I'm here, I'm here to point out these weaknesses and maybe, just maybe Tom Thibodeau might listen to what I have to say.

Improved Rebounding:

If you watch the Orlando Magic and you actually watch them rebound everyone knows who is going to go up for that ball. Unlike the Magic, the Bulls have three different guys going up and all three have fingers on the ball and it ends up into the opponents hands. The Bulls need to figure out who there main rebounder is going to be. The best rebounder is Joakim Noah which means he needs to be the main guy going after the ball. If Noah isn't near the ball then Boozer needs to go up and so on and so forth. Overall the Bulls have some great rebounding guys within their roster and they really cannot contribute until some kind of order is in place.

Noah needs more time with the ball on offense:

I am personally a Joakim Noah fan. I love everything about the guy including his determination and energy he brings. That being said you often see him just running around asking for the ball. It is not like he is a bad shooter, in fact he is actually an underrated shooter and often is disrespected when it comes to shooting. The Bulls need to realize the opponents take off the player that is covering Noah and they put him on either Rose or Deng to double team them. With that being done Noah is left on an island where he can in fact make a shot with ease. The Bulls do not take advantage of that and really only use Noah for passing and threading the needle around the hoop (If you want an example CLICK HERE). The Bulls need to have Noah more involved on the offensive side of the ball. He is to good of a basketball player to just have him for defense, of course I won't protest because he is a great defensive player

Noah and Boozer need a relationship class:

These two guys haven't shown great chemistry. That is due to so much injury that had overridden them last season. Now that they have had more time this season these two need to bond a little bit more. The Center and the Power Forward need to have some kind of relationship together. Without that relationship the defense and the rebounding will not be as good as it should. So how about these two take a day off, go to a spa or somewhere relaxing and just talk and get to know each other. Of course these are NBA players so, I suppose a nice little stroll down a beach would suffice.

Incorporate the “White Mamba” into the rotation:

Before Taj Gibson had became injured I thought Scalabrine was just a bench warmer that really didn't have much skill. But in reality the “White Mamba” has some skills. This guy deserves a little bit more playing time then what he had before Gibson had gotten injured. Also check out his twitter, he is a pretty good trash talker.

Hamilton needs to be healthy:

Rip Hamilton has done a lot for the Bulls while he is healthy. Of course Hamilton has only played in a total of eleven games and have missed fourteen. The Bulls really need to keep Hamilton healthy for the remainder of the season. Hamilton will give the Bulls them easy two and three pointers due to his great agility and speed.

I hope you all enjoy my article. My original article of this was, in my opinion better. But unfortunately I accidentally deleted it. But I hope you all like this article. I am a passionate fan of the Bulls and these are the main problems I see within the Bulls. If you see any other problems within the Bulls write it in the comments below. Also don't forget to answer the pull.


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