Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks: Game Preview #35

[Thanks to boyonthedock for today's game preview. Rose is starting and CJ is out. Game thread up at 7:08 -yfbb]

The Bulls get to face the tattered remains of the Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Squadron tonight at the United Center. I know this because Marquette has a home game at the Bradley Center tonight, and they have made a strong effort in recent years to stop playing NBA and NCAA games simultaneously on the same court.

Much like the Marquette Golden Eagles, the Milwaukee Bucks have also lost their starting center and the guy who started when the guy was good at his job got hurt. As savvy Bulls fans may recall, Drew Gooden was lone bright spot for Milwaukee the last time these 2 teams met in a 113 - 90 Bulls victory. You may remember that game because of how awesome it was. Gooden got to the free throw line with absurd frequency blah blah blah doesn't matter because he's dead or suspended for racism or something. Andrew Bogut has been in possession of a grool since the 2008-09 season, causing his constant injuries. Bulls have Joakim Noah and Omer Asik who are both awesome and will destroy whatever 6'9 scrub Milwaukee runs out there to man the center position. Turns out, it's former Wisconsin Badger Jon Leuer! He will be torched .

Carlos Boozer is still a Bull. He had an ok game against Atlanta. He's good, not great, and his deficiencies are of the maddening variety. Ersan Illysova is actually pretty solid, since his rebound rate has gone up this year to a more than acceptable rate. And he stopped fouling. Prince Luc Richard Mbah a Moute still possesses the most fun name in the NBA, however he possesses no offensive skills to speak of. Tobias Harris is also hurt/racist and will not play.

The Bulls have Luol Deng back, so of course Deng played 44 minutes last game against the Atlanta Hawks. Deng recently overcame his bout of racism, and the fanbase is worried about his burn still as Thibs basically just tells the fans to deal with it. The Bucks have Carlos Delfino, who used to be a Detroit Piston. That's the most interesting thing I could find about him. Stephen Jackson also hurt a racist, and died. But he cut this video before that happened!

Rip Hamilton is hurt. Man, everyone is hurt. I guess Brewer is gonna start out there again. Shaun Livingston plays for the Bucks apparently. I thought he was the guy with Abraham Lincoln tattooed to his neck, but that's Deshawn Stevenson. So, basically I'm saying Shaun Livingston should tattoo Martin Van Buren to his neck so instead of getting disappointed that he doesn't have Lincoln on his neck I'll be EVEN MORE EXCITED to see the even crazier Martin Van Buren neck tat guy. I mean that's even crazier!

Derrick Rose is back. Brandon Jennings gets owned by Rose. Watson suffered from a bought of concussive racism and our good friend John Lucas III, Esquire will soak up the 7 or so bench minutes out there for a backup to the leagues reigning and most benevolent MVP. Beno Udrih comes off the bench for Jennings, I think. I'm not gonna bother looking it up.

Scott Skiles used to coach Chicago when their players weren't as good. Tom Thibodeau coaches them now that their players are good. Did you guys know that Scott Skiles got 30 assists in a game one time? He totally did, and it is still the NBA record today. Also, he is bald and angry.

The Bulls are just better than Milwaukee basically everywhere. The fact that their entire roster recently passed away makes the disparity much worse. Which kind of sucks, because I wish the Bucks were better because I live in Milwaukee and they are the team you get to see a couple nights a week. I mean, having entertaining options out there can only be a good thing. The Bulls will pummel this team tonight giving us something to do until we can get down to real business, like playing on the trade machine. Because that's how you are going to spend all star weekend, admit it. I'm not even going to watch this game live, because my girlfriend has a DVR and Marquette is on.

Brew Hoop is a good place to go for related Bucks stuff. They might even be able to clear up what version of death each player has come down with! Go Marquette, and enjoy your Oscar parties everyone!

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