Time to make a trade to become a championship team!

But who should we go for???

I've been reading peoples trade suggestions for the past few months and its time that people start thinking a little more logical. Trading for Beasley....? Please tell me you're joking.

Trading for Gasol? Sounds good but isn't practical. The result of trading for Gasol would leave us with less depth and having to pay Pau 19million a year.. Thats all we need... The only way to get gasol that would make sense is to trade carlos boozer along with another player such as cj watson or a draft pick. If this were to happen i think it would be solid trade because we dont lose any offense (infact we most likely gain offense) and we gain a better defender/rebounder.

Trading for dwight sounds nice but for now is just a fantasy for bulls nation. Dwight has made it clear that he wants to be traded to the lakers, mavericks, or nets. He really hasn't shown a whole lot of interest in chicago unfortunately. The second reason that this deal is unlikely would be because we don't have the stars that the lakers have to offer. And if we really want him we would have to really sacrifice which could kill the chemistry of the team.

Trading for melo doesn't sound like a terrible idea just because we could use an extra weapon but he doesn't really fit in to our system. 1. hes a selfish shooter 2. hes not a great defensive player and 3. he has an ego bigger than our whole team put together.

Now we can start thinking a little more rational. First off what do the bulls need? They need a two guard who can attract defenders and hit a jumper. Ideally this guard would be able to share the minutes equally with rip so that rip has more time to rest and so he can stay healthy.

The first trade I would consider making would be watson/brewer for Dragic/lee or watson for courtney lee straight up. Lee is a young talent who could split time with rip and put efficient numbers up. I wouldn't mind us trading for oj mayo because hed be a solid player but he has to much money on his contract to make him worth it unless we get him for the right price.

Another solid back up would be arron affalo but the player i wouldn't mind seeing us make a play for is CAPTAIN KIRK! He was loved in chicago back in the day and to be honest who wouldn't want him back. He could play pg or sg at any given time. I think he would be the perfect guy to bring back.

Some have also suggested making a play for ray allen which wouldn't be bad but we would have to give up a lot to land him and he would only be there for a season. But adding any of these guards would definitely make us a tough team to beat. Plus if this Gasol trade went through we eould easily be the favorites for the title!

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