Rip Hamilton injury: Thibodeau unsure of who will start Tuesday


Oh, that Thibs. Pretending he doesn't know who will start Tuesday and stuff...:

everybody we have has played well at one time or another, so I feel good about that position, Marco has started a lot of games before, Jimmy has been playing terrific all season long, and we have some flexibility, too. Kirk can go to the two, so we'll be fine.

Or maybe Thibs really doesn't know?

"I really do not know,'' Butler said. "Coach hasn't said anything. He said he's going to try out the lineups and see how everything is looking, and then he'll let us know [Tuesday].''

Hinrich, who is usually the starting point guard for the Bulls, did admit to playing some two in practice on Monday, which means in the scenario Nate Robinson would be the starting point, with Hinrich - who has played shooting guard before - would then try and fill the vacancy left in Hamilton's departure.

"I would be comfortable doing whatever,'' Hinrich said. "I've been working in on a dummy offense at the two a little bit, just so I would know it. I would have no problem with anything [Thibodeau] did, to be honest, as long as it's what we would want to do as a team and the direction we'd want to go with to give us the best chance to win.''

I look forward to a lot of 'dummy offense' jokes with respect (or not so much) to Hinrich this season.

I could see benefits to each, given that how the lineup starts may not dictate the most minutes but does establish a pattern that will mean some more guaranteed minutes for some. I'm just going to guess Thibs goes with Belinelli as it means (and Joe Cowley mentions it in his post) that there is not a second adjustment required by Jimmy Butler, who's just recently been established as the co-sixth-man with Taj.

Which I'd be ok with, provided Butler will play a lot regardless. It may be a good chance for Belinelli to get his season on track to play with the better offensive players that the Bulls start games with.

I could see a case that can be made for either him or Butler, or I suppose even Kirk if you think more of....that is a necessary evil to see Marquis Teague play (I don't). In fact, I think it's so open-ended, I'll even do the rare act of putting up a poll!

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