D'Antoni is running Gasol out of town

[Edited and moved from the Rip Hamilton injury thread. It's best when sin is contained, like a radioactive spill -yfbb]

Pau is having a shit year because of the shitstorm circus show they have going on in L.A. First the princeton then D'Antoni benching him half the time.

Anyone think we can pull a massive heist with Boozer? How many of us would be willing to include Deng with Butler’s recent improvements (keep in mind Deng is injury prone) to get a REAL post up player?

Boozer will love playing in that system where his soft ass can shoot jumpers all day and play pick and rolls.

Gasol is tons better than Boozer. Can legitimately run offense through him in the post. At least a better defender than Boozer. I mean just being 7 feet and being able to jump more than 2 inches probably makes him a better defender.

Realize losing Deng would be huge, but Jimmy has really shown lots and lots of improvement. Upgrade from Boozer to Gasol imo is alot bigger than the dropoff from Deng to Butler. I think butler could improve even more with starter minutes i guess and would rather bet on gasol being healthy than deng/boozer.

[Here's Sports2's response, seemed too good to delete]

LOL at trading Deng + Boozer for Gasol.

However, I would gladly offer them Boozer, Rip and Kirk for Gasol, Duhon, Meeks.

This trade has a couple massive advantages for us:
1. Instead of paying Kurt $4M, we can buy out Duhon for $1.5M
2. Instead of paying the 3rd year owed Boozer, we get out of that $16.8M entirely.
3. Instead of buying out Rip and having him count $1M just to play somewhere else or be retired, we could exercise the $1.5M team option on Meeks to have him shoot for us. Or we could not pay him at all.

In any case, that's the only sort of reasonable deal I see for Gasol from the Bulls perspective. If the Lakers don't like it, well... this isn't such a great deal that I'd feel bad about not doing it. From the basketball perspective, it's pretty meh.

Honestly, I don't see the Lakers doing much better though. What's the market for a guy like Gasol right now?

Minnesota has always loved him, so maybe they'd offer something like Roy/Derrick Williams/Barea. If you're the Lakers though, you've already gone all in for a championship with a bunch of really old players. Derrick Williams ain't gonna get it done. I can't think of any other teams that would just obviously love to have Gasol thought.

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