NBA Game Time's Terrible 'Condensed Games'

I realise this is perhaps not the best forum for this, but it's gotten beyond frustrating for me -- as great as the NBA Game Time application/website is, the condensed games are just TERRIBLE, and there seems to be no avenue to complain or give feedback to the NBA!

NBA Game Time (former League Pass Broadband) is free until November 7, so take a look for yourselves.

My problem: I live overseas, and travel a lot, so I rely on the condensed games (around 10-minute video summaries of entire games) to keep up with the NBA, but these "highlights" are incredibly poorly edited, now.

A good example: the Denver-Miami game from a couple nights ago (the condensed game is here) -- the condensed game is just a collection of people walking the ball up the court for effectively 10 minutes, the editing is done so poorly that only a handful of actual baskets are shown, let alone other key plays (steals, blocks, etc.). The video does not show Iguodala's shot to put the Nuggets ahead by one, or Allen's four-point play. It's immensely frustrating to sit through.

The incredible thing is that this is not a one-off example -- I had some time earlier, so I watched the condensed version of Toronto-Minnesota, which was just as badly done. Same for a bunch of other games I have tried to watch over the past few days.

I'm actually a paying subscriber to the NBA for this ($139/year), and have been for several years, but the condensed games are worse than ever. This used to be an irregular problem, but now it's on the majority of games I try and watch in condensed form.

Making it even more frustrating is there seems to be no direct avenue to give feedback or complain. The help section of NBA Game Time has two e-mail addresses listed, both for the NBA's third-party supplier NeuLion, but only for technical problems. I e-mailed both anyway, and am awaiting a reply.

Am I the only one going through this?! Does anyone have any advice for how to get in touch with the NBA to complain about it? I hope they already know -- I would imagine someone at the NBA actually uses the website for condensed games, and can see it for themselves?

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