Blog stuff: Adblock screwing with the site

Wanted to yank this out of the threads about the Bulls.

It appears that if you have adblocker on BaB the past day or so, it's now blocking the 'legit' images and some comment functionality.

It appears that turning off your blocker fixes it. I assume support is working on a solution, but hopefully you can see why the site shouldn’t have to work with adblock.

My official position is you should all allow ads and click the hell out of them.

Here's another solution (for Firefox) from chicity773:

Okay people, I've figured out how to block the ads w/o having to turn off ad block plus on blogabull.

In Firefox, right click, view page info; go to media tab; find the image ad, check the box that says "block images from." I think it was ox. something.

Should be able to kept ad-block on, have the comments load, and not have to view those obnoxious ads.

Now, so I don't get accused of censoring or whatever, here's Jania Jaina on ads:

i hate these ads.

i can't stand that adblock hoses the site now and that clicking outside the comments section opens up ads. this is making for a horrible user experience.

i really shouldn't have to disable adblock. it worked fine until yesterday.

but you're right, at least it's not jim rome anymore. :P i still can't stand any "background" that is an ad that opens a new tab if i accidentally fucking click it. it's absurd.

i mean the legit site images are blocked now. sure i can see why it doesn't have to work with adblock, and you could see why i wouldn't want to come here anymore because of it. the amount of ads on the page are unreasonable, imo. total background, top, bottom, and even more on the side too.

every single ad is for the same thing do i really need to see the same shit 5 times, especially because no matter where i scroll, the awful background still follows me?

the ads ruined jay's recap

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