It's Thibs Fault

To start with I could whine about trades, ACL's, Boozer. However, I am going to stay in the present. Hindsight is 20/20!

1. The Bulls Offense STINKS. I don't mean the points we score (well I do but...) or inability to get shots. Has anyone noticed the offense we run?? It is so stupid.

We get the ball across court slowly, leaving us with 20 seconds.

As the point crosses the half court there is a screen by a big for 1 wing to get the ball.

The Ball is entered to give back to the point. Or a drive or jumpshot is made.

The point reenters to the other wing, also getting a screen from a big way out past the elbow.

Rinse and Repeat.

2. Why is this offense bad? Obviously it takes FOREVER. The idea of running an offense to get a elbow jumper with only 1 big man able to crash the boards is ludicrous. NO rebounding poor shot percentage, even with Hamilton shooting well. With the lack of good shooters there is no spacing, and the lack of chemistry further makes me go crazy when I see us running this.

3. We don't run this offense every time, but why have Carlos the 6'9" shooting guard if we dont post him up? The goal of the (any) offense should be to enter the ball to the low post for a high percentage shot or at least drive for a high percentage shot. The other post players noah and gibson do well when they get it down low or at least entering it to the high post.

This offense is to blame for stagnant stretches, and turnovers galore. It works best with Nate Robinson, only because he can drive sometime and miss (derrick rose-lite) but at least it keeps the defense honest. We just don't have the personal. It would work great if we had rose, kurt thomas and korver in addition to deng, boozer and hamilton but we don't. We have inconsistent outside shooters and our point guards would do best to drive or get out of the play. I'd rather have Nate creating off the drive, and hinrich spotting up (too bad they cant see floor time together thanks Marcus).

As an aside what happened to Radmonovic? Is he so bad he can't get on the floor anymore he used to be a great shooter.


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