Trading Luol

Go ahead, tear me apart.

I love Luol, I think he is painful to watch, but I do love him.

This is more trying to start a thread that make suggestions, I just want to see what you guys think. I love the Taj signing, and I would like to see the "incentives" and how that works against the cap. I still love Joakim, his contract, and the fact that even though he will rarely be as good as last night, he is still a great player.

My first thought, of course after last night, is how do we get Tyreke in the Red and White? My did he look good, and athletic.

I will join the comments and help make suggestions, but I just want to discuss. Btw, YFBB: You have great insights, but your insanely negative tone depresses me. Seriously, great writing, depressing tone. Freidell just sounds like he wants to go to the Heat, you just sound like you want to murder the whole NBA (starting with Kirk obviously).

A few brief ideas:

1) Luol to Suns for expiring garbage and picks, not sure how this works cap wise...but I do know that they have lots of picks, cap room, and could use a big defensive leader/anchor.

2) Luol to Kings for Tyreke with other pieces involved. Again, not sure how this works cap wise and what we would have to throw in, but again his leadership/defense seem to be a fit to help Thornton/Cousins/T Rob along.

3) Trade Mirotic or the Bobcats pick

One thing to consider, what if the Bobcats pick is the 11th in 2014 instead of the 3rd in 2016, is it still enough to get a surefire star that will help Derrick in his prime? Just throwing stuff around.

Again, I just want to get the conversation going, if there is going to be so much negativity about the present, let's fantasize about the future.

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