Give this year time...and thoughts on 2014.

I just wanted to make this post to accomplish two things

1) Get the BaB folks to lay off this years bench until it can be confirmed (at the all star break) that we suck, if so, stab away. I get that we all loved the bench mob, but there is at least potential here.

2) Dream about the future.

It is FEASIBLY possible that a "2014 plan" could potentially work in a dream scenario. Assuming the obvious Boozer amnesty situation, and Deng off the books, we are looking at this (very approximate).



Mirotic-3 (buyout + ELC)

Butler- 3

Teague (If picked up)- 2

Gibson- 9 (me hoping that we sign him long term and middle roading the 8-10 projections).

SO that puts us at 48 million, let's call it 50 to be safe. The cap should be between 62-64 by then.

We have a starting 5 of






Here are my two hopes, please fill in yours below, this is meant as a discussion, not a soap box moment.

Hope 1) Deng loves Chi Town so much, appreciates Gar not trading him for playing in the olympics, and resigns with us for a VERY reasonable number to come on as Mirotic's mentor/ monster 6th man.

Hope 2) A good, veteran shooting guard who is from Chicago realizes he made a mistake in 2010, still has two functioning knees, and signs to run with Rose for his final years on a reasonable contract number.

If 2 does NOT work...Paul George, or someone of similar quality. I believe that we underestimate how good Rose can be when he is 25-26 with an improved jump shot, decision making, and even defense. If Mirotic can really shoot out the lights, and Taj polishes himself offensively, we could be looking at a very strong Thibs-coached future. Just think about it, and argue with me...tell me I am wrong and offer up new ideas.

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