Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons: 2011-12 Game Preview #10

[Thanks to admitted lurker kmokeefe for today's game preview. I love lurkers! They make the fewest stupid comments. Game thread up at 7:07. -ed.]

Preface: I prefer the role of fly on the wall here, but in a state of profound inebriation I signed up for a game preview. So, here we go.

What was that?

I think Joakim Noah very adequately sums up the loss: "The way we played tonight was just embarrassing." For now, I'm chalking it up to the inevitable let down game even the best of teams will suffer from in the regular season (assuming Michael Jordan is not on that team) and instead I will congratulate John Lucas on his 16 point effort as well as for the premiere of "The Firm" last night in which I believe he plays the role of Mitch McDeere

So with the griping out of the way, let's preview the game at hand as the Bulls will be hosting the Detroit Pistons at the United Center tonight, 7 PM CT. Last time the two teams played resulted in the Bulls getting an easy 99-83 win (see: minute gate) and will obviously be looking for a similar outcome. The Bulls were able to surgically break down the Detroit D last week to create some excellent shots, hitting 52.6% of their attempts and recording 31 assists on 40 FGM, their highest of this young season.

Apparently Piston management has taken the phrase "shortened season" too literally, as outside of Greg Monroe and Jonas Jerebko they are a team that is vertically challenged. Ben Gordon must have dirt on somebody in the league office to be listed at 6'3". Because of the Pistons lack of front-court depth, I'm expecting Boozer to really capitalize tonight and...shoot 18-foot jumpers. The Bulls big men should control the boards and provide plenty of second chance opportunities. Look for Taj Gibson and Omer Asik in particular to have big days.

Greg Monroe is very good and may cause some problems, as he has used great positioning so far this season to score at an efficient rate. Brandon Knight also looks to be a valuable piece in this team's quest toward future relevance, starting the last two games due to Rodney Stuckey's injury. Knight will have trouble getting into the paint against the Bulls D, so look for him to take plenty of long range shots tonight. If Stuckey does indeed sit tonight, Rose will be matched up against a group of smaller, slower, weaker guards. Advantage: MVP.

Injury Front:



  • Austin Daye - QUESTIONABLE (ankle)
  • Rodney Stuckey - DOUBTFUL (groin)
  • Charlie VIllanueva - DOUBTFUL (ankle)

The Bulls will certainly be looking to make up for the Atlanta debacle and will be taking out their aggression on a woeful Pistons team who, as their team's official website has deemed worthy of being their top story, will most likely be looking ahead to hip-hop artist Rob Base performing at the halftime of the tomorrow's game against the Mavs.

Bulls win 96-82.

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