Bulls are clearly the best TEAM in the NBA

(Disclaimer: I personally hate Carlos Boozer)

Hey ya'll

I've mainly watched only Bulls games and what ever games come on ABC or ESPN, but I do watch ALOT of highlights at work. The common trend I see with the bulls is that they play really good team basketball. From the help defense or how the teams built almost perfectly around Rose, the Bulls play the game unlike no other. If you look at the top teams across the board and critique them rather harshly and tersely; you'll understand where I'm coming from. Allow me to begin.

Lakers: No bench, Kobe take 80 shots a game, but he has to...

Heat: Weak bench, D.Wade loves to get injured, Lebron hates the last 2 mins of Basketball Games

Thunder: Russel Westbrook thinks he's Michael Jordan, Is James Harden starting yet?

Mavs: J Kidd needs to get younger, Roddy Bow-boi (I took 4 years of french, cant spell anything remotely french) needs to turn into the French JJ Barea

Celtics/Spurs: Too old, too slow, not good

Trail Blazers/Grizzles: They both are missing that one last player to push them to the next echelon; Grizzles case, they are awaiting the return of Z-BO, T.Blazers case, hoping Brandon Roy's monkey knees transplant is successful.

Nuggets/Sixers: I don't believe anyone thinks they will MISS the playoffs, but they aint winning nothing except maybe a first round series

Clippers: Fun to watch, however Vinny Del Negro is their coach so yeah they aint winning in the playoffs.

T-Wolves: Fools Gold

Everybody else: Flippin sucks ( can I say flippin on here?)

To conclude this quick analysis; the Bulls are great, Carlos Boozer is who I taught he was and because of that its gonna be a tough series for the Bulls vs. the Heat. Unless we get Dwight for Boozer straight up, then bam instant Championship. Or if Boozer could hit those 16 foot jumper like Kevin Garnett or David West, then bam sorta instant championship.

Well Im done.

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