Bulls at Minnesota Timberwolves: 2011-12 Game Preview #11

[Thanks to BananaReel for today's game preview. One of the more...stranger ones we've had, and I had to edit it a lot, but appreciated all the same. Game thread at 7:08. -ed.]

::movie announcer voice::
One team, against all odds, playing on a back to back, against a Spanish sex symbol and un-athletic white superstar... Can any man rise to stop them? Now, on Tuesday night one humble robot takes a stand against these impossible odds.

Seriously though, how weird is it to be excited about a game versus Minnesota(in any sport)? While these Wolves might not have turned into a good team yet, they have certainly turned into a must watch team (at least for me), and Wolves fans, and I'm not sure which one is more surprising. The continued domination by Kevin Love would likely be the main story in this game if it wasn't for RUUUBBBIIIOOO. Scoring...he doesn't do very well, but man can this guy pass the basketball.

I'm really not sure how to feel about this season. I'm really happy when I look at the record and watch the games I get a chance to watch, but then those two Atlanta games just keep coming to mind. While we won one of the two games (if you consider that a win), they were both putrid displays of offense, and something I can see occurring again during the year. At least until Noah gets his act together, which could make this offense quite a bit more effective. Overall, this young season is a success.

Enough with boring mindless drivel though, I think it's time for some match-up madness(after the break, come on now!)

Ricky Rubio(I know Ridnour starts, but .... Ridnour? REALLY!?) vs. Derrick Rose!
This is definitely the match-up of the game. There really couldn't be a two point guards with such different styles. Rubio really likes to rack up the assists, and I think Derrick Rose wishes he could do the same thing, but someone has to score for this Bulls team. In the end though the question really is, will Rubio make a jumpshot? I say nay

Ronnie Brewer(or Hamilton) vs. Wesley Johnson
OMG! I don't have to write about Keith "Baked Potato" Bogans. This might be the best thing that has ever happened to me. I mean if we are talking about late (or really early) Christmas present. I mean, was that guy bad at basketball, or what?
Advantage: ME(and you thought this was going to be a serious(relatively) preview)

Luol Deng vs. Michael Beasley
Did you know this guy was still in the league? Seriously, I must of blacked out or something. I know he got drafted, but didn't he smoke himself out of the league? Man it's really just too bad he doesn't shoot large volume's of shots at poor percentages, then we might stand a shot.
Advantage: Sudanese Breeze!
[ed. note: Beasley is out, Wayne Ellington has gotten recent starts. The Wolves are terrible on the wings]

Carlos Boozer vs Kevin "White Bacon" Love
I really do think Boozer is going to have a huge game today, but can your really pick against White Bacon? I mean, the dude leads the league in rebounding and is fifth in scoring. I think he is going to have an even huge-er game. While Boozer might lose his voice tonight he is assuredly losing this match up (that's not in writing).
Advantage: Bacon lovers everywhere

Joakim "I smoked way too much weed this summer and now I suck" Noah vs. The 2003 NBA Draft
Seriously what is up with this dude? I'm so disappointed with this guy. I like him so much, he is the Bulls jersey I bought first. I honestly think he smoked so much pot that he forgot how to make intelligent decisions! I hope for a rebound!
Advantage: Not the Pistons!

Bench vs. Bench
In a strange match up with two players of the same name. This bench offers alot of different talents. I've never seen such a diverse array of talents in a single player.
Advantage: 48 minutes of Brad Miller(We can hope!)
[ed. note: Brad Miller is also hurt]

Final prediction: Bulls 99, T.Wolves 91

Oh, and check out Canis Hoopus, and other Bulls vs Timberwolves coverage if all this did was wet your whistle.

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