Pick Your 2012 Olympic Team

Extreme lockout boredom has set in.  No news, no player movement, not even negotiations to talk about.

With the growing focus on international ball - see Spain v. Greece  - I thought it might be fun to see who you think should/will be on the 2012 Olympic team.  Reportedly Colangelo is starting to gauge interest in London 2012.  ESPN has a tool that allows you to rank how much you want to see each guy on the roster - Durant is currently #1, Rose #4.

If I had my choice, the team would look like -

PG: Rose - Rose didn't play particularly well in the world championships.  And PG may be the deepest position in Team USA's roster.  But I choose Rose because he is the reigning MVP, I think he will keep getting better, his size and defense will fit well on the international roster and he has the ego to defer to the other stars in the starting lineup.  If Rose can shoot the 3 and push the ball on the break, he should make a fine starter.

SG Kobe Bryant - Wade is probably better than Kobe.  But I like Kobe's knowledge of the game and mix of skills.  He can shoot, defend, and he has the leadership and competitive nature to stand out amongst a group of stars.  You want Kobe or Lebron shooting the ball at tight moments?  He has to start.

SF Lebron James - Easy pick.  His defense, transition ability, passing and all around game makes him perfect for an all-star team.  On an international team he can make an impact without dominating the ball.

PF Kevin Durant - Another easy pick.  He is the perfect international PF because of his shooting.  He seemed to relish making big shots during the world championship.  Lebron's more physical nature makes up for Durant's scrawniness.

C Dwight Howard - Dwight isn't really made for international ball, but his defense and rebounding will make Team USA by far the best defensive team in the Olympics.   He has the athleticism get out on the break and if he does get a chance to catch the ball in the paint - automatic 2 pts.



CP3 - played well in the last Olympics.  Bring him in and let him run the 2nd team.  He'll get steals, keep the tempo up and make smart plays.

Eric Gordon - Team USA will always need shooters.  Gordon played very well in the World Championships - his ability to shoot the 3 and play defense make him an excellent back up at the 2.

Wade - The international game allows a guy like Wade to move over and play some back up 3.  Westbrook played some 3 for Team USA in the World Championships.  He was an assassin in china, scoring almost at will.  I see the same working with CP3, Gordon and the next guy.

Melo - You can't deny his ability to play at the international level.  His inside-out game is perfect for Team USA and the shorter 3 pt line makes him a real threat from outside.  

LaMarcus Aldridge - Bulls fans should cringe.  Aldridge can shoot and defend and should fit in fine with Team USA uptempo style.  Unlike Chandler, he can play both ends of the floor and he has more size than Odom or Griffin, meaning he can be a true 5 playing international ball

Final Two (Love and Curry)

The final two spots come down to some choices.  You want guys who are going to be okay not playing, but also add something your top 10 guys may be missing.  In case of injury, you want to be able to put these guys in and be able to count on what they can do.  I narrowed it to 6 guys - Deron Williams who was excellent in China, Curry who might be the best shooter on Team USA's potential roster, Westbrook who was sensational in the World Championships, Chandler who defends, rebounds and won't bitch, Love who scores, rebounds and won't bitch, and like a Bosh.


I refuse to put 3 Miami Heat on Team USA, so Bosh is out.  I don't know if you need Westbrook with Rose, Wade and Lebron - I think they have everything he does covered.   Deron Williams seems like he would be unhappy with his role, he's out.   That leaves Curry as the last guard chosen.  Love I think outplayed Chandler in the world championships, and Team USA needs an obligatory white guy - Love is in. 


So that is my Team USA for London 2012.

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