Offseason Drull? How about Video Game Talk?

This offseason, sucks. Mainly cuz it hasnt even really began. However, 2k12 has already released its commercials and a release date. That got me thinking, what can 2k do to make their games better? Jordan Mode might remain in future installments of the game, but that alone wont cut it.

  Nba 2k11 was a great basketball, the best ever...but it was nowhere near perfect. Somethings gotta replace that jordan mode, and until new revololutionary technology comes out to enhance the gameplay, maybe its time for us to add some great new features for nba games so that gameplay isnt just everything.

My Player Mode:


Standardize ratings- A player should not be a starter, much less an all starr (or mvp) at a pitiful 60 overall rating. Either the journey to start the game should be easier allowing players to get to a higher rating much faster. One possible way is to seperate the pickup game player and the my player journey player rating wise. So playing pickup games still awards you precious points but they dont get added to your offline game, they get added to your online player. This also sets a standard for online play where there can be a 'matchmaking type concept' allowing novice players to players to play with more players in their skill level, as opposed to pitting sub 60 overall players against 99s.

Drafting: Being drafted into the 1st round should be illegal in 2k12. With the lockout looming they could add a special storyline akin to the storyline that was present in 2k7. The nba, due to the lockout, is searching for some extra players from the street to play in the nba, and so there could be a special draft that allows you to get picked. That way rosters wont screw up because you ended up taking the spot of someone important in the draft.
Storyline:I would absolutely love for 2k to pay a little homage to their 2k7 series and bring back some story into the my player mode. While 2k has sense become far more serious, they can utilize some of the concepts that existed in those mike wang games. One such concept can be the idea of a rival. During the start of the game, one of the cpu generated rookies can be deemed a rival of your player, and he could ultimately be the same position as you as well. There doesnt have to special animations, but it would be nice to have a cpu generated player (or 10) being drafted with your player and constantly butting heads with you in the nba year after year. In the nba games, the commentators can make remarks about you vs your rival as well as a joint press conference....which brings me too

The Press Conference: One easy yet big change would be to allow a player to choose from several quotes but not explaing what kind of impact that quote has on your players persona. As your personality changes so do the quotes your are able to use. So if you give jerk like answers, after awhile almost all your possible answers to questions will be jerk like.

Player Customization: Of course adding more customization features is a common sense step, but often hard to do. More hair options (as well as adding the concept of hair growing into the game) is a great first step as well as the ability to get shoe deals and if you become a superstar, customize your own shoe. Also adding a celebration animation would also be cool, i.e. being able to do the kobe scowl, or the 'jet' or the 3goggles.
Online play: I already touched up on seperating online my player from the offline story based my player. Also should add...get a better server.

Money: Finally, nba players are always about money, no matter what they might say, money plays a big part in what an nba player is, after all, being pro is defined as being payed to do something. There should be different things to 'buy' in the game, houses, mini games, clothes, personell around you, etc. Getting and negotiating contracts should also be included in the game.

Superstar Attribute-this is my brainchild for 2k12. The superstar attribute affects various things in different modes

    Association Mode-The attribute affects the 'refs' of the game. So imagine that the game sliders are set at default with 50 for ever slider. A player with a 50 superstar rating will remain unchanged with the sliders. A player with 99 as a superstar rating however, when your reach in with that player, the chances of the reach in being called will be far less (as if the reach in foul slider was dropped to 40) and if another player tried to steal the ball from the 99 superstar rating player, than the game would treat it as if the reach in foul slider was put up to 60. If thats confusing heres a chart :

Ss Rating    Foul Slider For Superstar    Foul Slider Against superstar
0-10            -10                +10
11-20            -8                +8
21-30            -6                +6
31-40            -4                +4
41-49            -2                +2
50            0                0
51-60            +2                -2
61-70            +4                -4
71-80            +6                -6
81-90            +8                -8
91-100            +10                -10

this basically means guys like lebron james get away with a bit more than say a guy like kirk hinrich, in terms of commiting fouls and also get to the line a lot more than a guy like kirk hinrich. This just adds a realism and dimension to the game, having superstar players helps because you get superstar calls.
Another thing it adds to the association mode is how it affects contracts, personality, and chemistry and of course how much money a team makes. Having too many players with high superstar ratings will piss off some of your more aspiring players, and cause their ratings to drop due to lack of attention. Making trades, signing, or releasing higher superstar rated players will cause you to lose or gain fans, media attention, and constantly affect chemistry in variable ways. What this rating will basically do is make the gm job a hellava lot tougher, while adding an extra dimension to playing against superstar. lebrons going to be scarier in the 2k, cuz it might play out like 5 v 8. You can increase a players superstar rating by using development time for that player on media time training drills (the players rating will increase randomly either 2-4-or 6 pts...and you can only do the media time once a month per player as well as an automatic 8 pt increase in the offseason during training camp.

 My player mode-While doing the same thing as association mode, this rating also allows you to customize and do more 'personal actions' like taunts and celebrations. It also generates fans who will show up at your games rocking your jersey, impact your negotiations with teams, shoe deals, media deals, and how much say you get in terms of impacting your team, and unlike special offseason games and mini games (special tournaments and dunk and 3pt competitions as well as 1on1 2on2 and 3on3 games. You can increase the attribute through press conferences, media drills (which you can actually participate in) or using skill points.


Owners- Another homage for the earlier 2k games, when they had each team have a type of owner. The owners all have their own goals which change season to season and failure to make these goals can result in your firing. Sometimes the goals are to win more games than the season previous, sometimes the goals are to just make the playoffs, sometimes the goals are to win the division or the confernce and if you are a team constantly deep in the playoffs than it becomes win the championship. And yes for the Reinsdorfs out there, somtimes the goal is to make money. In terms of winning games or making money a figure is always given and it is your job to try to get near that figure. Theres a merit system, 3 Xs and you are fired, but it also comes with a gauge level. If you are given a goal and you are below expectations, you get 2 Xs, if you get a fair (slightly below expectations) you get 1 X, if you meet expectations you get no Xs and if you Over Achieve you lose an X (prolong your job).

Allstar Weekend-2k has sucked at making allstar weekend a big deal, nows the time to change it. Add some cinematic flair when participating in the games, add some incentive to want your players in  the game, slam dunk comp. 3 pt shoot out, some of these newer games like the shooting stars,  horse, and the skill challenge. A boost in star power for players involved would also be awesome.

Agents-Lets add some agents to the game. Guys who will try to get you to break the bank on players, so negotiations become tougher. Make the agents happy, make the players happy, and make your boss happy. As a gm, things have to be harder. Its way too easy in these games to get the players you want, and in real life, it doesnt play out like that.

Scouting Depth-A big thing for those of who play Association modes is scouting and adding new players. It would be great to add more depth in the scouting. For example, offer more measurements, Athleticism in general doesnt tell you much...add in a vert score or a lateral quickness time or a 40 time as well as bench press numbers and now you really get to the bulk of scouting. A partnership with draft express or or Chad Ford could really help. Not only that but, since 2k already owns the licence to the ncaa games, maybe its time for some intergration? Being able to to import your happenings in your college game into the nba game would be pretty cool. For those of us who dont own a copy of the ncaa games, maybe just utilizing the ncaa logos and creating a fake march madness result. So that players who were from the school (or country) that won the ncaa (fiba) tournament would get pushed higher on big boards (but that might not mean they are better). Just add some depth and difficulty in scouting picks and making trades.





For now this is all i could think of (...okay...its a lot) but id love to see some ideas from others as well.

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