Who would your top choices be?

Haven't made a fanpost in months


O.K., so well all know the story and how cookie crumbled. Rose has no help, forced to make something happen, doesn't work against triple teams, Heat take over, yada, yada, yada. I'm of course beating a dead horse by saying we need a secondary scorer. It's a broken record at this point.

So to keep it kind of short, if you had the choice as to pick who your ideal (or top 3) choice for our shooting guard....who would it be? As of late the names heard round web have us tied to names such as Mayo, Lee, Richardson, Hamilton, and Gordon and many other including the recent rising rumor of Monta Ellis. So I guess I'll start it off with my top 3 and why:


1) Andre Iguodala- I think I've made this clear by now that I would love to see him next to Rose. The biggest knock on him seems to be the fact that some don't think he is a SG and his outside shooting being bad (even though I would consider it more mediocre than bad because his numbers are up there with Kobe's, Roy's, Ellis', Wade's, and Johnson's...somewhat). First, he is a SG that can play SF. His physical abilities and athleticism allow him to be able to play SF. I don't have the space for it, but here is the Liberty Ballers website take on it

As for the shooting, I don't think he is a bad shooter, just mediocre. But considering everything else he does, he makes up for it. He is one of the best rebounding shooting guards, he is a great distributor (led all SGs in assists this year and in the post season including being in the top 5 this postseason), is one of the top fast break players, a ferocious finisher, maybe the best defensive player at the 2 guard position (he shutdown Joe Johnson, Kobe, Ellis, Manu, and Martin at points during the year), he's tough, and most of all he plays with heart. I am a firm believer that he is a consistent jump-shot away from being considered elite. I think he was just thrown into the fire when Iverson was traded because he was the best player and they expected him to just become an All-Star. Yet while lacking a complete game, he still managed to lead a talentless Sixers team to the playoffs 3 times as the leader. Not only would Rose get someone to help him on fastbreaks, scoring in the paint, and alley-oops, but our defense wouldn't miss a beat with Iggy (probably even get better).

2) JR Smith- People keep bringing up the same arguments about him..."He is a headcase" and "He is a shot chucker." Let me start off with the first one. He is a headcase. The so far cast of people he has had to look up to are Iverson (who mind you might have been the biggest headcase and have the biggest ego in this era of basketball) and Melo. Now, I really do like Melo. He is one of my favorite players, but at the same time, he wasn't exactly a picture of enthusiasm and leader that one might believe (if he somehow led you to believe that). It's pretty obvious, his ego is just as big as any player's in the NBA. Now add in George Karl who doesn't mind consistently throwing players under the bus, especially JR such as here or even here. Now maybe the first one was deserved, but you don't publicly throw you players out there to the lions like that. Take all those factors together and you have.....a headcase. As far as the shot chucking goes, I think that is apart of him not having respect for Karl and Karl not having respect for him. So he (and it seems like every other player there) just go out there and play to make themselves look good rather than to play as a team. I went over Denver Stiffs for awhile and you'd be surprised at how many want to keep JR. I would say that the support is about 70%/30% in favor of resigning him. What's even more surprising is how many want Karl fired. I would say the support their is about 50/50. So if Karl can even get his own star players, bench players, and fans to buy into him......starting to see the puzzle pieces come together.

Now onto the good about JR. He is a highlight reel player. He can shoot the three with the best of them, can finish at the rim, is another tough player who will dunk down someone's throat, has size, is very athletic himself, and is good at assisting in his own right. Plus, we could use a goon on the court every now and then because it seems like a lot of times when we got complacent and soft (especially in the playoffs) when Rose and Noah weren't providing energy. As far as defense goes, I think I would be willing to gamble that Thibs' can make him into a better defensive player. JR wants to be a star and this is probably his best opportunity at reaching that status especially with someone like Thibs coaching him and Rose supporting him. He wouldn't have to be a leader, just a team player which I think he can be in the Bulls thanks to guys like Rose, Noah, Deng, and Thibs.

3) Leandro Barbosa- Other than his wrist injury, I don't know why his name hasn't been brought up more. According to many posts, articles, and comments I've read about Barbosa, he is a great offensive player and is underrated on defense. He can create his own shot, can shoot the lights out, can finish at the rim, and is one of the fastest players in the NBA (Fast don't lie, indeed). The fact that he has been a bench player all his years might turn some away, but for the most part all of our SGs are bench players and Barbosa is more talented than all of them. I can't say I know a vast amount about him since I haven't really seen all that much of him other than a few games and those games against us. I can honestly say he didn't really play to bad in those games (except against us....but come on, its our defense). The only reserves I have about him are his injuries and maybe him being slightly undersized. Otherwise, I need to look more into him, but from what I have seen, I'm pretty impressed. Plus, playing next to Rose can't make him any worse. We get the spot up shooter, shot creator, and possible defender we are looking for. Plus, Thibs worked magic on a slightly undersized Ray Allen, maybe he can make Barbosa our Ray Allen. Oh....and no character issues in site for him.


Those are my top picks. I more than expect to hear the common names such as Mayo, Lee, Afflalo, Richardson, Hamilton, BG7, and maybe even Rush from people. So provide your top 3 and provide your reasons why and see what responses you get back (I didn't know exactly what words to use to close this so bear with me).......

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