Why the Bulls should draft Iman Shumpert and Reggie Jackson

First, let's face the fact that the Bulls shooting guard position cannot be adequately addressed at picks #28 and #30 ---not in this draft.  And unless the Bulls can turn those picks into OJ Mayo, the Bulls should use the picks to upgrade their roster while keeping the Miami Heat point guard position relatively weak.  In other words, it's time for the Bulls to engage in some good old fashioned NFC North style preventive drafting.

Iman Shumpert is one player the Bulls should prevent from falling to the Miami Heat.  Shumpert is a 6'5" 222 lbs point guard and defensive beast.  Think Ronnie Brewer with better ball handling skills and better shooting form.  Oh, wait -- that would make him Russel Westbrook.

Shumpert would immediately jump to the front of the line as D. Rose's backup allowing Rose more rest = fresher legs at the end of games.  And the Bulls defense would actually get better while Rose is resting.  Picture this, while Rose rest - the lineup on the floor would be:

    Shumpert                (PG)
    Brewer/FA SG         (SG)
    Deng                        (SF)
    Noah/Asik               (C)
    Boozer/Taj               (PF)

Against Miami, I would actually play Brewer, Shumpert, Taj, Noah/Asik and Deng to wear down Lebron and Wade, before a fresh Rose (pun intended) returns to do his thing.  Deng could actually get a break from guarding Lebron in this lineup and focus on scoring. 

Additionally, it would be pure pleasure watching Lebron and Wade being hounded as Rose rests.  Shumpert's presence on the roster, would affect three positions by allowing Thibodeau to rest Rose, Deng and the FA shooting guard while maintaining a high level defense. 

Another reason to select Shumpert is - if you think the Bulls would be scary with this kid on the roster, can you imagine him being the starting point guard for the Miami Heat?  Believe me Bulls fans, that's one scenario that should be avoided if possible. 

San Antonio can assist in the preventive drafting by selecting either Jeremey Tyler or Reggie Jackson (if available) at pick #29.  As long as either of them (Tyler or Jackson) heads out west and off of Miami's roster - I"m happy.  And if either falls to the Bulls at  pick #30 I'm even happier.  If the Spurs select Tyler, the Bulls should immediately snatch Jackson with pick #30.  Why you ask?

Because Jackson - with his offensive potential - would make an immediate impact (like Shumpert) and be a considerable upgrade from Bogans and Watson on the Bulls depth chart.  Add the (likely true) rumor that Miami has promised to take the athletic point guard at #31 and the opportunity to repay Pat Riley for his draft day thief of D.  Wade.  And this could go down as one of the greatest drafts in Chicago Bulls history.

Additionally, if a playoff contender out west has an injury at the Point Guard or Shooting Guard positions the experienced Watson and/or Bogans will bring back some nice future considerations (draft picks) from a desperate playoff contender. 

In summary drafting Iman Shumpert and Reggie Jackson will:

1.  Allow valuable rest for Rose, Deng and FA shooting guard - which in turn will improve late game scoring.

2.  Improve the Bulls overall defense, especially while Rose rests.

3.  Prevents Thibodeau from ever again mismatching Korver against the opposing point guard.

4.  Upgrade the backup PG and SG positions with players Thibodeau will have to play.

5.  Assist in keeping Miami's PG position an area of relative weakness.

6.  Keep the payroll relative low (with the expiring contracts of Bogans, Korver and Watson) while improving the overall depth by adding youthful contributors.

Just in case you didn't already know, championship basketball is all about match-ups.  And the coach who creates the most mismatches (that favors his team) wins the title every time.  Shumpert and Jackson would give the Bulls opportunities to create those mismatches - especially against the Miami Heat.

We are talking "Return of the Dobermans" folks.

Any thoughts/comments?

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