Chicago Bulls 2011 Draft Preview

If you dont know, the NBA Draft is this Thursday June 23, 2011 6:30 Central Time on ESPN (Preview: 6:00 Central Time on ESPN)

As you probably know, the Chicago Bulls have three picks in this draft:

Round 1:

#28 overall

#30 overall

Round 2:

#43 overall

#28 overall: As everyone says, the Bulls' biggest need is a shooting guard. The perfect shooting guard would be a guy that is a good shooter, can create his own shots and give us another offensive threat-you know, maybe a little more than 5 POINTS A GAME- and can also play some defense. Keith Bogans(4.5 ppg) wasnt that guy and is unlikely to return as a free agent. Ronnie Brewer is almost that guy, but he isnt a good shooter and cant create his own shots. Plus, he is better off the bench in my opinion. The Bulls should address their SG need with their first pick. Problem is, most of the best shooting guard prospects are expected to be off the board before the 28th overall pick, but there are some good athletes expected to still be available. Here is a list of them:

Shelvin Mack(Butler): He's smaller than Derrick Rose (barely 6-3), but this guy is spectacular. he is a combo guard despite his size and could be a perfect fit with Derrick Rose in the backcourt because he is a pretty good shooter and can definitely create his own shots. Plus, his small size could bring advantges. It would give Derrick Rose more off-ball oppurtunities which would make Rose even better. He played for a suffocating defense at Butler which would make him fit well into Thibs' system. I think we should take him if he is still available. He will be hungry to win an NBA championship after losing in the National Championship Game twice with Butler. The problem is if we face the Heat in the playoffs again, will he be able to defend DWade with his size? If he cant, it could spell trouble.

Josh Selby(Kansas): He was the top high school point guard in 2009-10 but he didnt build off that promise in his one year at Kansas. I was surprised that he entered the draft, but he can also create his own shots and, like Mack, will give DRose more off-ball oppurtunities.

Nolan Smith(Duke): He is a good shooter and scorer, but a lot of scouts say he is more fit to play PG in the NBA. He has experience though: played college ball all four years and won it all with Duke in 2010. If he is the best option take him.

E'Twaun Moore(Purdue): A good scorer(16 close to 17 ppg in his four years at Purdue) and has leadership qualities.

Marshon Brooks(Providence): He has been soaring up the boards recently, and some people consider him a potential lottery pick. But if he makes an unexpected fall, take him.

Travis Leslie(Georgia): Some mock drafts have the Bulls taking Leslie, but he isnt a good fit alongside DRose. Still, he is a solid all-around guard.

Honourable Mention: Charles Jenkins(Hofstra), Darius Morris(Michigan), LaceDarius Dunn(Baylor)

#30 overall: The Bulls aren't expected to have this pick on draft night as they are calling interested teams saying that they are unlikely to keep both first-rounders. If we do keep this pick, most mock drafts I have seen have the Bulls selecting Richmond forward Justin Harper. If we indeed keep this pick and take Harper, he wouldn't get much playing time in his rookie season, but I wouldn't mind him. He is a guy that can space the floor with his shooting touch which can be good for us since none of our big men are dangerous from the perimeter. He would be a good replacement for Kurt Thomas is he retires or leaves as a FA. Plus, although he played power forward in college, he would be undersized at the 4 position in the pros (6-9), so he can be better suited for the 3 position. That could be big because he can give Luol Deng more rest.

Option 2: Trade both first-rounders-maybe even throw in that second-rounder- to move up and select one of the top shooting guard prospects. A few teams may be willing to part ways with their pick in exchange for two late first-rounders like the Jazz at #12 because they already have the #3 overall pick, although trading the 12th overall pick would anger a lot of Jazz fans because they except the Jazz front office to consider taking their beloved local product, Jimmer Fredette, with that pick. The Rockets, with the 14th overall pick may also be willing to part with their pick. If we do indeed trade up in the draft, I think that the Bulls should select Washington State SG/SF Klay Thompson. He would be the perfect fit with the Bulls as the starting 2-guard alongside Rose. He is big enough (barely 6-7) to guard most guards in the league. He is a solid defender, good rebounder(5.5 rpg at WSU),and, hmm what am I forgetting? Oh yeah... scoring! Thompson was a 20 ppg scorer at WSU, and averaged 21.6 ppg in his junior season last year (I think thats better than 4.5 ppg).

#43 overall: As for this second-rounder, it is unsure whether the pick will still be in the hands of the Bulls on draft night. If the Bulls do indeed still have this pick on draft night, all of the mock drafts that I have seen dont have a mock draft for the second round to give me a clue about who the Bulls are thinking about taking. Not too many players taken this late in the draft end up being anything other than a Brian Scalabrine (no offense to Scals). I expect that they will just get a competitive guy that will challenge the other guys for their spot on the roster.

Please leave a comment to voice your own opinion on whose name the Bulls should call on draft night.


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