Fanpost: With the 28th, 30th and 43rd Pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls Pick...

[I agree, draft coverage should ramp up this weekend. I..uh...have outdone previous records in terms of not paying attention to the draft. This seems like a really good start though. -ed.]

I figure with the draft about a week away we should have a post to consolidate all of the pre-draft murmuring and conjecture. Who do you think the Bulls should pick? Should they try to move up? Down? Should they trade a pick or two for a pick next year or the year after? What should the Bulls decision makers (whoever they are) do? I'll get the ball rolling with my own POV after the jump...


The Bulls Should Move Up For...

Alec Burks

Draftexpress has this guy going 17th right now. That's very, very strange to me. Burks is far from perfect (defense and shooting are issues), but the guy produced like a stud in the Big 12, had very nice combine numbers and seems like a really good guy. Now that he's out of the lottery, the Bulls should be doing what they can to put together a package to move up and grab him. Here are some video's about Alec:

DraftExpress - Alec Burks Pre-Draft Workout & Interview (via DraftExpress)


Pruit's Strengths and Weaknesses Video


Alec Burks Draft Combine Interview (via DraftExpress)


Nikola Vucevic

This guy is very big, and also highly skilled. He's essentially the kind of guy non-American countries always have on their national teams.  I know the Bulls already have a loaded platoon of bigs, but Vucevic would provide something the Bulls bigs don't have: perimeter shooting (also: my personal team-building rule of thumb is that you can't have too many good bigs). Of course I would like above all else to see Derrick improve in his ability to play the PnR, but in case that doesn't happen, Vucevic would make an excellent compliment to Derrick's current skill set because Derrick is very, very good at getting guys (especially "popping" bigs) wide open shots. I don't mean this to be a knock on Noah, but to me the Bulls offense always looked at its best when Kurt Thomas was in and hitting 15-17 footers at a good clip. Vucevic could conceivably be much better than that (as a shooter I mean) and I think it could really be worth it to move up to take him. Here are some Nikola Vucevic videos:

Nikola Vucevic on going pro (via USCAthletics)

Draft Preview: Nikola Vucevic (via foxsports)

DraftExpress - Nikola Vucevic Pre-Draft Workout & Interview (via DraftExpress)


Charles Jenkins

It's possible the Bulls won't have to move up for this guy, but if they get the impression that he will go before 28 they really should consider it. When fundamentallysound proposed Jenkins as a draft pick I was a little hesitant to embrace him. After all, he's 22 and he plays at a school I couldn't even locate on a map. His videos look nice- which I'll show you in a minute- but I just wasn't sure about a senior from Hofstra. What I wanted to see were some nice situational stats. Well, SI's Luke Winn provided those and they are excellent. Essentially, his iso, midrange shooting and overall shooting numbers are fantastic when compared to other top-notch college perimeter players, and he can also handle the ball and pass. I see him as a nice combo guard who can fill an obvious skill hole for the Bulls. Here are some videos of Charles Jenkins:

Charles Jenkins (via Jhood90)

Charles Jenkins Senior Mix (via remoskye22)

Charles Jenkins Draft Combine Interview (via DraftExpress)


The Bulls Should Take Three of the Following Four...

Of course, the Bulls could also use their three picks to take three players, in which case I would be in favor of the following:

David Lighty

David Lighty is a versatile wing with good size who can play defense, shoot the 3 and handle the ball. For the Bulls this year I am really focusing on guys who can both pass and perform well in isolation. Lightly had an assist rate of 18.5, which is pretty good for a wing, comparable to Alec Burks. Also, according to the Luke Winn article I mentioned above, Lightly was one of the three best isolation players in the NCAA this past year. I think these skills can transfer to the NBA because Lighty is a nice athlete and ball handler, and he seems to have that Manu/Wade "cover 20 feet of ground and change directions twice without dribbling" thing down pretty well. I really like Lighty for the Bulls and consider him a "must" if they keep some of these lower picks. Here are some Lighty videos (Lighty is #23 by the way):

David Lighty Defensive Highlights (via jonathantjarks)

For the record, that young man (#33) on Purdue Lighty was harassing was E'Twaun Moore, a guy many considered to be one of the best perimeter scorers in college this year.

David Lighty Owns Illinois (via BuckeyeBallersTV)


Josh Selby

This pick isn't for everyone as Selby did nothing this year to show his pedigree as a high school superstar. But he was both suspended for 9 games and hurt so it's entirely possible the Bulls would be getting an absolute steal with this guy (now in the second round!). One of the potential virtues of this pick is that Sebly could be a good player and a good fit for the Bulls, or he could be a pure scorer with excellent athleticism who proves to have strong trade value (or he could stink, obviously) if the Bulls are looking to land a more well rounded, veteran wing. Selby's age, scoring instincts and athleticism make him the best potential future trade bait of anyone the Bulls could pick, in my opinion. Here are some videos of Josh Selby:

DraftExpress - Josh Selby Pre-Draft Workout & Interview (via DraftExpress)

Josh Selby Draft Combine Interview (via DraftExpress)

Prospect Profile - Josh Selby (via DraftExpress)


Shelvin Mack

Shelvin Mack played as a combo guard (and sometimes even SF- he's 6'2''!) at Butler, so the good news is that his role would remain the same in the NBA. As I mentioned earlier, I am targeting guys who can not only pass, but who also have a record of good performance in isolation situations. With a 24.9 AST% primarily as an off guard, Mack has proven he can be a passer; and per the above cited Luke Winn article, Mack was one of the three best iso scorers in the NCAA this year. I'd like to have posted some Shelvin Mack highlights here, but most of them aren't very interesting: some clutch 3s, some general Butler NCAA tourney highlights, a video of him in high school, etc. I dunno, I feel like he might be Toney Douglas-esque.


E'Twaun Moore

I'm not completely sure about this guy (again, some situational stats would really help me form an opinion) but he does do some things the Bulls could really use: he's smart, he tries on defense, he can shoot 3s, he has a low TO rate (11.8) and a good assist rate (20.9). He isn't big and athletic like David Lighty, but he's always been on winning teams and could be a solid player. Here are some E'Twaun Moore videos:

E'twaun Moore (Usher Remix) (via btfu5)

E'Twaun Moore Draft Combine Interview (via DraftExpress)


Nikola Mirotic

This guy could be a rich man's Matt Bonner, which to me is a good thing (he even uses a floater in the lane like bonner).

Nikola Mirotic 2010-11.m4v (via eurohopestube)

Nikola Mirotic - best young player in euroleague (via nembog)

Nikola Mirotic, mejor jugador joven de la Euroliga (via nembog)


Nikola Mirotic Highlights (via jonathantjarks)

I like him.






So what do other people think?

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