Summer 2012

I don't know if anyone noticed this, but it seems like the Bulls are setting up themselves to go after Dwight in the 2012 Free Agency. As long as Dwight Howard does not sign the extension, the Bulls can make a run at DH12 during the 2012 Free Agency. 


Player 2012-13
Carlos Boozer $15,000,000
Luol Deng $13,365,000
Derrick Rose Q-$9,091,820
Kyle Korver $5,000,000
Ronnie Brewer $4,370,000
C.J. Watson $3,200,000

Joakim Noah $11,300,000
Taj Gibson $2,153,420
Before this plan happens, the Bulls must have to trade Carlos Boozer for an expiring contract to free up cap space for Summer 2012. A deal they can do is trade Boozer to Cleveland straight up for the expiring contract of Antwan Jamison. We still get a decent offensive player in Jamison minus the long term commitment. Another possibility is a three way trade with Phoenix and Cleveland that would send Boozer to the Suns (need of low post scoring) plus filler, Vince Carter and future first round pick from us to the Cavs, and Jamison to the Bulls. Whoever we sign at SG, we might have to sign them for just one-year or two, but make the second year non-guaranteed or team option. We can also trade for shooting guard who will be a free agent in the Summer of 2012, ironically, Courtney Lee or OJ Mayo, two players we went after during the deadline. As for the draft, I think the Bulls should either trade the picks or draft someone overseas, which I think they will do anyways.

Our line-up for 2011-2012

F Deng
F Jamison
C Noah
G Rose

Bench: Brewer, Watson, Asik, Gibson, Korver 

A team that's still decent enough to be title contenders. 

I've also noticed and wondered why Brewer, Korver, and Watson's contracts are all non-guaranteed? Many of you would say that D-Rose is due for an extension, well you're right, but if the Bulls can wait to sign Rose into an extension next year and pick up the qualifying offer, then there will still be cap room to sign Howard. Rose becomes a an unrestricted free agent, but let's face it, if the Bulls sign Howard, do you really think Rose will walk away from that, and turn his back on his own hometown. The Bulls will not pick up the option for all 3, but might retain Brewer in a cheaper but longer contract. As for Gibson, the Bulls will probably not pick up his option, and might let him walk. So that leaves the Bulls with 3 players under contract on the Summer of 2012. 

Noah $11.3M + Deng $13.3M + Rose $9M = $33.6M

I have no idea what will happen during the labor talks, but let say the cap comes around $50M, the Bulls will relatively have $16.4M of cap-space. That's enough to sign DH12 to a lucrative offer. Let's say they do sign him, can you imagine this starting line-up.

F Deng
F Noah
C Howard
G Rose

Who can stop that line-up? Not even the Heat would stand a chance against that starting line-up. This allows Noah to move his natural position, and worry about guarding power forwards rather than center. Deng and Rose will definitely get a lot better by next year, then you add Dwight, then no one will ever dunk against us. 

So don't worry if we don't trade for DH12 this summer or during the trade deadline, because wee might have a shot in Summer 2012, as long as we trade Boozer for an expiring ASAP. 

Either way, it's a win-win situation, as long as DH12 doesn't sign the extension by June 30th. 

GarPax is on deck, waiting to hit a "Grand Slam".

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