Wade and Rose - a contrast in attitudes

For all the talk about how "Rose is exactly like Wade was 3 years ago," I noticed a huge huge difference in the way these two guys conduct themselves and how starkly different the dynamic and level of trust is between the Bulls and Rose, compared to the Heat and Wade. This especially seemed to manifest itself in last night's postgame comments.





"Nah, I don't think I got tired because I was guarding Rose, I mean I'm tired after every game..."


"We need to get our bench to come in and do the small things, like offensive rebounding; making sure when they check into the game they do a good job of rebounding the ball, you know, doing what you normally do, making open shots, etc; so you know our bench doesn't need to be like theirs, it needs to be like what the Miami Heat do, which means not giving up second chance points, and we have to correct that."





(Responding to the story of him taking responsibility at halftime): "It was me. Careless turnovers. Can't do that against this team."


Later on, when asked about how he felt about hitting big shots in the third:

"It wasn't really me though, it was our defense."



"We just made sure that it was tough. Taj, Omer, Lu, everybody was making sure that their man was in front of them and contesting all their shots and layups when they were going to the basket.


Unbelievable what a night and day contrast there is between these two clubs and players. One team where the best player takes responsibility for his mistakes even in a blowout win, and showers his teammates with praise, and the other ball club where the captain calls out his teammates and refuses to take any responsibility himself for the loss.

And the 3 idiots wonder why everyone hates them. Gee, I wonder...

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