Hollinger's "clutchness" stat game

Well, hi there guys. This is my first time doing this so please bear with me. I'm actually bored and I saw interesting Hollinger tweets interacting with some fans/anti (mostly anti, I think). Since Hollinger only talks about stats, so be it. Let's talk his way. Let's do the numbers game. Let's go in his comfort zone.

So, this basically started from someone saying that Derrick Rose is more clutch than Lebron and Hollinger answered:

: Believe what you want. But his clutch are inferior to LBJ's in every category. RT @ Rose showed he's a closer, unlike Lebron

and this:

@ prove that last tweet

Basically, he's using this site to prove who is more clutch. For the definition of clutch, here is what is stated in the site:

For these stats "Clutch" is defined as: 4th quarter or overtime, less than 5 minutes left, neither team ahead by more than 5 points 

You can also sort on whatever stat you want, points, FgA, Fg%, etc. Stats are also calculated as per 48 minutes of crunch time. (Note: site tells us that it's last update is 4/16/2010 for 2010-2011, and I assume that this is wrong)

First, Hollinger said that Rose's clutch #s are inferior to LBJ's #s IN EVERY CATEGORY. Let's see (I'll include Dwight Howard's numbers also, for MVP talks sake):

Team  Player Gm Min +/- +/- Fga Fg% 3pA 3p% Fta Ft% Pts Ast'd Reb Ast T/o Blk Stl
CHI  Rose 41 161 70 +21 37.0 .395 4.5 .200 19.1 89% 47.1 10% 10.1 10.1 6.6 0.6 2.1
 MIA  James 39 129 49 +18 27.5 .446 7.1 .263 23.0 87% 46.4 24% 11.5 4.8 4.1 0.7


ORL  Howard 39 148 28 +9 10.1 .710 0.0 .000 18.5 59% 25.3 22% 22.1 2.3 2.6 3.2 1.6

(sorry if the table is not aligned well)

Time for another Hollinger tweet!

johnhollinger: Sort by Reb or FG% -- he's #1 in reb, #4 in FG%. Latter nearly double Rose's. RT @ Look at your boy dwight on that stat sheet

If we talk about rebounds, steals, and blocks, of course we all know that Dwight is superior than the other two. Well, it's his job in the first place. But if we look at Lebron and Rose's numbers, Lebron leads only less than 1 rebound and half block.  Rose's steals are higher than Lebron and Howard, but by also not that much.

Round 1 goes to Dwight Howard. Rose and Lebron are pretty much tied in this round.

Field Goal percentage. The tweet pretty much says it all. Wow, Howard's FG% is much higher that Rose! Let's get him the ball at the end. EEEEHH, WRONG. Look at Dwight's FIELD GOAL ATTEMPTS. Ten. Freaking 10 shots per 48 clutch minutes. Or maybe he's going to the free throw line a lot? Howard has less FT attempts than Rose and Lebron. So pretty much Dwight is disqualified in this round. Let's talk about the other two.

Lebron leads Rose in Fg%, 3p% (by 6%), and FTA. The most glaring stat here is the FTA (after editing and the update, not anymore) , where Lebron attempts 4 more FTs than Rose. Rose attempts more in the last 5 minutes (37 per) than Lebron (27.5 per), but that is maybe because Lebron has Wade and Rose has nobody else. Still, Lebron leads Rose by 4(5)% in the FG% department.

Round 2 goes to Lebron James. Rose a close 2nd, and Dwight's a distant 3rd.

Then let us look at the points and assists category. Lebron averages 46.4 pts and 4.8 ast compared to Rose's 47.1 pts and 10.1 ast. If we total the points accounted for, Lebron has at least 56 pts and Rose has at least 67.3 pts. Do I even need to include Howard's point total? Ok, 29.9 pts. I'll double it for him but it's still lower than Rose's output.

Round 3 goes to Mr. Derrick Rose. Lebron's 2nd and Dwight's, again, a distant 3rd.


Based on this stats, Dwight Howard can go home and plant sweet potatoes. He's not even the leader in rebounds (Dalembert) and blocks (not even in the top 10) department per 48 clutch minutes. He won a round but I think it's less important than the other two rounds.

With Lebron and Rose "winning" a round each (and almost close in those rounds), who do you vote for if the 2 candidates have pretty much equal stats? The only thing I can think of is basing this on wins. Of course, Hollinger will disagree because our "defense" is our key to winning. Fine. But, based on THIS numbers, Lebron James is clearly NOT superior to Rose, like what he is saying. Howard's not even close to those two. So how will Hollinger vote (just for example) if Lebron and Rose are pretty much equal in clutchness? I don't know.  But I'm pretty much satisfied in proving Mr. H wrong. (got tired typing his name LoL)

Thoughts? Thanks for reading. :)

(edit 1: I'm actually sleepy so if I think of any other things I can add, I'll add it later)

(edit 2: damn it, the stats changed while I was typing this LOL, so I updated this post (the numbers only actually))

Reminder: The stats here may or may not change depending on the site itself. I posted this after their last update: 4/06/2011.

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