Bulls Playoff Experience

There is a common trope being trotted out before the playoffs that states, "The Bulls can't win it all because the Bulls Core has never won a playoff series together".  While its true that the Bulls current roster has never won a playoff series together, the statement feels really wrong based on the overall experience of the Bulls.  

Luol Deng has a series win as a member of the Bulls as well as 21 games of experience (although he missed out on 7 games in the greatest playoff series loss of all time).  Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose both have 12 games of experience and Taj Gibson 5 games over the last couple years of squeaking into the 8th seed.

But after the Bulls that were hold overs from last year, a different picture emerges.  Kyle Korver, Carlos Boozer and Ronnie Brewer all had playoff experience with Utah, Kurt Thomas has been around a while and has an entire season's worth of playoff games including a Finals appearance with the Knicks and Keith Bogans has been on some playoff teams, Orlando and San Antonio, that both reached the second round.

But if you want to really talk about playoff experience and really talk about it seriously, there's only one person you need to talk to, Brian Scalabrine.  The White Mamba has 17 series wins notched on his bedpost and 5 separate Finals appearances with both the Celtics and the Nets.  If there was ever a lucky charm its Scalabrine and that should counter any sort of gnarled conventional wisdom about winning a playoff series previously with the "Bulls Core".


Player Playoff Games Series Wins
Derrick Rose 12 0
Luol Deng 21 1
Carlos Boozer 44 4
Kyle Korver 32 2
Joakim Noah 12 0
Taj Gibson 5 0
Ronnie Brewer 25 1
CJ Watson 0 0
Kurt Thomas 89 8
Keith Bogans 18 2
Brian Scalabrine 39 17
Totals 297 35

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