Bulls(1) vs Pacers(8) THE PSYCHO SERIES.

I have to say when Bird had fired Jim O'Brian I thought the Pacers were done and they'd fall into the draft lottery fodder. The Pacers lost seven of their past eight games to drop to 10th place in the Eastern Conference. Ironically O'Brian's last game was against the Bulls in which he was ejected. 

Bird was bothered by O'Brien's refusal to give more minutes to the team's young players. Bird said he'd like to see rookie Paul George play more, and he was frustrated with how little forward Tyler Hansbrough played early in the season. He felt that O'Brien's public berating of centerRoy Hibbert damaged the 7-foot-2 center's confidence. Bird and Vogel agreed that Hibbert is an important piece of the team's future.

"We have a three-year plan and we're right on it," he said. "I looked the other day and we're going to have more money than anybody in the summer to go out and either trade one of our expiring contracts or go into the free agency market and get the pieces we need."

Is this a future rival? After the last meeting I'm starting to believe we'll see this team a lot in the future. 

linkage if ya want. 

This series is all about hating PSYCHO T. The guy is a tool. He's their newest version of Reggie Miller.. not in talent or ability but likability. Seriously this is going to be a chippy first round series with a team that really matches up well with the Bulls. They've had physical meetings in the past and I can only assume a playoff series will raise emotions.

Maybe Kurt Thomas can give Psycho T a nice vet mind game... 

But the other matchup ups that make me feel like this will be a tough series is Darren Collison.. yeah Chris Paul's old backup. He's a scrappy little fellow and can certainly ball. 

"We're trying to head to the playoffs with a little more momentum," Collison said. "We're a young team. We just can't take games off and expect to turn it on."

I think he's a underrated point guard and should be a rival for Derrick Rose after this series. He's not a bad defender and can certainly ball. He's become a pass first PG but can also score making him dangerous. 

The other matchup is Noah vs Hibbert. Noah struggles with size but his ability to run the court can be an advantage for the Bulls. 

They certainly have thugs in Foster, Dahntay Jones, Josh McRoberts and James POSEEEEEEEEEEY!!! Hell I'll even throw in Dunlevy's flopping white ass in there. (I can say that I'm white, I'm entitled!!!!) 

I don't think this will be a cakewalk as some think. Can't wait!


You really drafted a psycho!

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