Thibodeau: Team must feed Boozer

Yes, he must be fed!


But seriously I totally agree with Thibs on this. Boozer must get more touches offensively. Here's a few thoughts from Thibs on the subject. 

"Sometimes you don't see how efficient he has been," Thibodeau said. "When the double-team has come, without hesitation he moves the ball. Oftentimes he doesn't get an assist because it goes to the top and gets swung to the weak side. But it's the right play. And it makes us a very efficient offensive team. Those become high-percentage shots for us."


 he needs "We have to do a better job of searching him out," Thibodeau said.

Now of course thats easier said than done. On the road trip Boozer seemed to really struggle with size and focusing. He often bumbled the ball and blew easy buckets during the Miami game.  Maybe it's something with Boozer to where he just struggles on the road. At home games I think he's been a complete different player. Case and point would be Mondays game against the Hornets. He really saved the Bulls offensively. 

Maybe Boozer is a little like Toni Kukoc  where he needs to get a few easy baskets to really get in the game.

Honestly I thought Boozer and Rose would play off each other alittle better than what we've seen. Playing pick and role hasn't really reminded me of Stockton and Malone but there is still time for improvement I guess.

Offensively the Bulls have somewhat struggled and their bench has really done a good job of creating separation from opposing teams. 

However I do agree with Thibs that the Bulls do need to get Boozer more touches under the basket. I would just love to see Boozer get deeper post up positions. 

I think maybe part of Boozer's struggles is adjusting to Joakim Noah and his inability to shoot. Something he was doing to start the season. For a while Noah was making that 15 footer. Now he never shoots it and I'm guess thats because of his thumb and all the time off. Maybe it puts more pressure on Boozer to score. Kurt Thomas could knock down the 15 footer really well and maybe thats missing? Now teams can sag off Noah more and collapse on Boozer. 

On to another subject is getting players rest. While Deng has been getting heavy minutes I would be worried that his game drops off taking less minutes. I mean look what happened to Taj Gibson. He really hasn't been the same player that he was to start the season. 

Personally I'd like to see Thibs get Butler involved in a few games just to see if he can bring anything to the table. 

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