Bulls vs Lakers... 20 years later?

Ok I don't like too get head of myself because I... oh FUCK IT!

Let me first say this.. so that this might be easier to read for the Luol Deng fan club... I'm sorry. He good. Thibs has seemed to really taken to Lu and that relationship seems great. I kinda think he can get even better next season with a strong playoff run and a good summer. But I digress I don't wanna make this a Deng love fest. 

To the Hinrich fan club I wanna say go screw yourself I was right all those years the dude was a bum and could never lead a franchise. Ha. 


Seriously IF the Bulls can get out of the East....... well this is going to be the greatest summer since 1998!

Is it ok to start dreaming now? To just let go and say lets just freaking try to win a damn title? Because in years past that was a joke. The Ben Wallace years... meh lets not even go there. 

If the Bulls can get out of the East it seems like the Lakers will be there in the way. Right? Are they not the best basketball team in the NBA right now? They kinda look like it. Typical championship team that lays in the weeds and turns on the jets when the shit matters. 

If the Bulls can get to them that would be a matchup nightmare for both teams. The Lakers have trouble with quick point guards and we have that. The Bulls struggle with.. Carlos Boozer sucking on defense. 

Honestly I thought the Bulls would be a second round out but I'm starting to sway and think maybe the basketball Gods are with us? I mean how many times has Wade burned us at the end of games hitting that shot?

But thinking about Lakers and Bulls would be an exciting NBA Finals. Seriously who wants to see another Boston and LA matchup? Thats over. Good-bye bring in the new blood against the old guard.

Rose vs Bryant. 


Yeah it seems crazy!

But if ESPN needs their story lines they got them. Kobe vs Rose. Phil returning to Chicago for the last dance 2. The series would have personality with Noah, Gasol, Artest and Scals. On the 20th  Anniversary!


Just as a fan of basketball those would be the two teams I'd really enjoy watching go at it. As a Bulls fan I don't think the concept is all that unrealistic. 

Rose vs Fisher  edge Bulls

Bogans vs Bryant edge Lakers

Deng vs Artest edge Bulls

Boozer vs Gasol edge Lakers

Noah vs Bynum Bulls

Bulls bench vs Lakers Bench edge Even

Coaching edge Lakers

Lakers 4-2 

Kobe, Gasol and Odom would just be too much for Bulls. 

For now one game at a time. 



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