My Nba 2k11 Game sliders

To be used with 12 min quarters on All-star difficulty Ill start by naming them, in order by screen (at least how it appears on the 360). The sliders are the same for both Human Cpu. After the jump ill explain some of my reasoning and what the sliders are supposed to accomplish.

First, just in case there were some who had no idea how to change sliders, this is how you access them. During a game (quick game, season, association, playoff) or through the main menu at the start-up screen, go to options, gameplay and then gamesliders. The first screen should the be the offensive slider screen which is where i will start. From there hitting the rt button (or on ps3 id imagine its the r2 button) should shift you to the next screen. Here are the sliders



inside shots-42

close shots-43

mid-range shots-45

3pt Shots-45



dunk in traffic-23

pass accuracy-50

Contact Shot Success-32


Hit RT(R2 for ps3) for the next screen



Driving contact-100

Inside contact-100

help defense-46

steal success-40


RT/R2 for next screen


Abilities Sliders







Ball Handling-50


Dunking Ability-34

On-ball Defense-76



Off. Awareness-50

Def. Awareness-73

Off. Rebound-34

Def. Rebound-38

The rest of them should be left at default 50 value




Tendency Sliders

Take Inside Shots-48

Take Close-55

Take Mid Range-50

Take 3pt-48

Attack Basket-46

Look For Post Up-50

Throw Alley Oops-48

Attempt Dunk-10

Attempt Putbacks-70

Throw Flashy Passes-86

Commit Fouls-50

Play Passing Lanes-50

On-ball steals-40

Contest Shots-76

Backdoor Cuts-50


You know the drill



Over the back-58





loose ball-55


The final edit to make can only be made at a special game settings menu. To reach this menu At the controller select screen (in quick games or association games) pres the Y button (i imagine its like triangle on the ps3 controller) this should get you to the gamesettings menu where you can adjust the difficulty and and game speed, but it also lets you adjust one more option, player speed.


Player speed-46


There is a lot to cover, but to begin with these sliders are for ADVANCED players ONLY. If you have trouble with the turning the ball over a ton on simulation mode on all-star or superstar level, or have trouble knocking down shots with kyle korver or derrick rose on the default settings, you are not ready for these sliders.

The game is harder with these difficulties, you have to actually play basketball. Try to play the game in full out iso, and A.I. will shut you down. Think you can just wing it the entire game without calling any plays or just running the same quick pick and roll play, you will be trapped hard by the A.I. and wont be able to get a shot off in 24 seconds.

These sliders are designed to both challenge players who can have their way with the A.I. and yet at the same time not feel cheapend by losses. THE A.I. CHEATS, A LOT!!!! Put the game on hall of fame and no matter what the setting the cpu controlled players will fly from 10 feet out to block your shots, or you will end up passing to guys you never were trying to pass to, or the icon passing will "accidently" be activated so that instead of shooting you end up throwing it to your small forward. These sliders reduce that cheapness by making a fun level play at a lower A.I. difficulty All-star.

For the offense I have made it so that shots are harder to knock down. In order for you to knock down shots you have to both get open, and at the same time have near perfect timing on your releases. Jack up too many bad shots and your players are gonna get cold and they will struggle to get back to form, which means running plays to get those first couple shots to go in is essential in this game. I also tried to balance out the dunking ability, guys like asik are always trying to dunk the ball, but often have trouble finishing, so i tried to incorporate that in my sliders. Rose shouldnt be dunking on centers every other play, cuz he doesnt do that. At the same time noah should be dunking when he has room under the rim. I am rather proud of perfecting this balance.

For defense i made the double teams weaker because i found that double teaming the CPU was more difficult than it should be, at the same time i wanted to make it possible to break out of those double teams more likely. If you get double teamed its still gonna make things hard for you, but you should be able to shoot over some of those double teams now, or if rose is hot enough dribble out of them. I thought it made the game feel much cooler. The stealing attribute is up a bit, but the defensive awareness is low enough so that if you do knock a ball lose, your team wont always just automatically get the ball.

The attributes were a lot harder. For rebounding i made it lower so boxing out and positioning mattered a lot more (at higher levels near 100 guys would just grab boards quickly in mid air, now they might fumble around with them so that the other team can actually take them from another players hand if the fumbling player has a lower rebound attribute) The strength attribute affects screens and contact, I made it high enough so that when you drove the line and a guy was on you contact would be felt, but not enough so that it would impede your progress when you were just dribbling the ball around.

The tendencies have to do with the computer logic. I found that the computer at all 50s would adapt his game to slider settings, so you would get weird moments when a guy like pau would just shoot 20ftrs because thats where my sliders gave the easier shots. It just felt wrong (and even more so if the cpu hit them) so i adjusted them so that the A.I. wouldnt just sit on the 3pt line and bomb away to get a lead, or just shoot midrange shots. I also adjusted them in a way that forces the cpu to pass the ball more even when not running plays (as you can see i told it to drive less overall and shoot more close range shots without driving in. It makes better ball movement) for the users this affects how the computer players on your team react.

I adjusted the rules accordingly so that there were no calls, ticky tack fouls, and at the same time a user had to make an effort to get to the line by initiating contact (if you dont know how to do advanced layups, you will struggle getting to the line)

I had to make the sliders the same for the human and cpu controlled teams because i found out if you altered a setting that seemingly gave you an advantage, the computer would act weird and do some insane things that would make you want to chuck your controller (pau gasol hitting a three, bibby being pushed all the way to half court at the end of a shot clock and then just knocking that half court shot down, turnovers turnovers turnovers!!)


So for any nba 2k11 players out there, try out the sliders. While i do suggest you be an advanced player, try them out anyway just to see how they feel. I would love feedback, but i think ive pretty much got them perfect for myself. I can adjust them to suit other players i guess if you tell me what problems you seem to be having. I worked all season long on these sliders, so i would love some feedback if it was a job well done (im incapable of saying so to myself you see)


Thanks and sorry for the long post

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