Rose is J.R.'s Definition of M.V.P.

The M.V.P. award is probably the most vaguest and thus most contraversial award in the N.B.A. From the people who vote on it (media members and now even some fan voting) all the way to the very definition of the word. There are some who believe Most Valuable Player means the BEST player. Another school of thought suggests it means Player who matters most to his team in the entire N.B.A. and a third school of thought that suggest that it means the best player on the best team. There is a media school of thought that suggests the definition is more Most Valuable Story (in terms of marketing and globalization of the N.B.A.) where the player that can generate the best image for the N.B.A. of that particular year should recieve the title. Yet, there is another definition for Most Valuable, that is often overlooked. Perhaps because it is the most primitive definition, perhaps because it is the definition less concerning to the concept of pure basketball (an ironic idea I'm sure). It is a definition no normal basketball fan, critic, or watcher would consider, but one a certain cheapskate owner certainly would.

It came to  me while i was literally doing nothing. Well not completely nothing, i was considering what shoes to buy my younger brother for his birthday gift. Already recieving the new Adizero 1.5 rose shoes from a cousin to use as indoor shoes, I was taxed with buying him casual shoes which he prefers to also be basketball shoes (go figure). Considering how my brother takes care of (or rather not take care of) his stuff, I questioned which shoes i should buy that would both appease him, and at the same time not make me cringe when a month from now i found them to be shells of their former glory. Thats when the word hit me...Value


In the economical sense, value can be defined by a simply phrase: The bang, for the buck. So if one were to consider something with the most value, in an economical sense, it would be the something that has THE MOST BANG FOR ITS BUCK. How do you know if a car is very valuable, because if you sell it in 5 yeaars you end up making back most or all of the money that you spent to get it.


Here is the list of the top 30 paid nba players:

 1. Kobe Bryant LA Lakers


2. Rashard Lewis Washington


3. Kevin Garnett Boston 


4. Tim Duncan San Antonio 


5. Michael Redd Milwaukee 


6. Pau Gasol LA Lakers 


7. Andrei Kirilenko Utah 


8. Yao Ming Houston


9. Gilbert Arenas Orlando


10. Dirk Nowitzki Dallas 


11. Vince Carter Phoenix 


12. Zach Randolph Memphis 


13. Carmelo Anthony New York 


14. Dwight Howard Orlando 


15. Amare Stoudemire New York 


16. Joe Johnson Atlanta 


17. Kenyon Martin Denver 


18. Elton Brand Philadelphia 


19. Predrag Stojakovic Dallas 


20. Chris Paul New Orleans


21. Deron Williams New Jersey


22. LeBron James Miami


23. Chris Bosh Miami


24. Jason Richardson Orlando


25. Carlos Boozer Chicago


26. Dwyane Wade Miami


27. Paul Pierce Boston


28. Andrew Bynum LA Lakers


29. Rudy Gay Memphis


30. Brandon Roy Portland



Kobe bryant, is ranked as the highest paid player, Dirk is ranked at the 10th highest, while Howard is ranked at 14th highest. Cp3 is ranked at 20 with lebron starting his new contract ranked at 24. Those are the guys aside from D.Rose constantly considered to be the 'real' M.V.P.s

What is rose making this year? $5,546,160!!!!! thats almost 1/5 what kobe is making, much less than half as much as Lebron James (the lowest of the mvp players on this list) is making.


Of course value also comes with production. While PER is not the end all, be all of stats, it is a very good measure to see which players produce.


Now I'm not a great mathmatician or stat head, so this is my very archaic version assessing value using per and salary. Formula is basic enough, value= per/salary (in decimal Mil.hundred thousand)


Player-   Per-   2011 Salary   --Value

Lebron James-   27.02-   $14.5   --1.86

Dwight Howard-   26.18-   $16.5   --1.58

Chris Paul-    24.4-   $14.9--   1.63

Kobe bryan-   24.11   -$24.8   --.972

Dirk Nowitzki-   24.06   -$17.3   --1.39

Derick Rose-   23.37   -$5.5   --4.24


I think you guys get my point. Tyger, Yao Pau, basketball smurf, and sports2 (to just name a few) can go ahead and cut my calculations down to size, but my basic point is that in the economical p.o.v, and in the e yes of our cheapskate owner, Derrick Rose is truly the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER, because at his price he definetly provides more value than any of his peers. It should also be noted that Westbrook would have a much higher value rating than rose (higher per, paid less) however at the same time, I dont think anyone really considers him an mvp type player (the only ones who bring him up in MVP discussions are more using westbrook as an example why rose cant be mvp, because westbrook is a similar player but not considered an mvp type player. My stance on this is obvious,

I should also note that I never intended to write this as a PRO argument for rose, or something to be taken as the end of argument thought. Its just a thought i came up with, and I thought I should share it. I also thought some brighter people could take the idea to a level that i couldnt and actually make it a real argument instead of just a thought.


Gripe, Criticize, or add to the idea below.


Got the PER from here: Link

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