Eight simple rules to save the NBA

I was taking a look at today and I came across a new Whitlock article.  I like reading his articles every now and then because his ideas are usually out of the box.  He apparently has an idea about how to restructure the NBA salary system.

Jason Whitlock's Idea

I think most of the ideas are impractical. 

1. Come up with a pay system that is 60 percent controlled by the individual teams and 40 percent controlled by the league.

He thinks the teams should control a base salary and the league should pay for "incentives."  I don't really see the point of this to be perfectly honest, it just seems like adding a useless middle man to an already ridiculous salary system.

2. Reach an agreement with the NCAA that allows the top 100 college players/prospects to play in the NBA summer league.

This one I actually like.  He calls it a summer internship, and that makes perfect sense.  But would it deter players from receiving money under the table?

3. Register and monitor high school prospects, give them a standardized academic test upon graduation that — depending on the score — would qualify them for a financial boost should they later earn a spot on an NBA roster.


4. Devise a first-four-years pay scale that pays a player extra money based on how many years of college he completed.

This is stupid I think, I'd rather they raise the entry age to the NBA, in fact, I'd say if players don't want to go to college (which I think it should be their choice, because there are people who deserve the scholarships) they can play in the D-league until they reach the proper age or simply go overseas.

5. Develop a compensation system that slots players 1 to 20 on the roster. (Note: He says not everyone has a number one overall team player, so he gives the teams the option of scaling everyone down.)

This is basically goes back to the team only paying a base salary, and I think its pointless.  I think certain players deserve more money than others, and frankly no two max salary players are worth the same.  Lebron is worth more than the max and players like Rashard Lewis, Glibert Arenas, and Joe Johnson are probably worth less then the paychecks they are receiving.  What I would do is definitely keep guaranteeing part of there salaries, but creating more options to part ways after say.. the end 3rd year?  The Knicks are dumb, but there's no reason they should have been stuck with Marbury for so long, and likewise, if a team is going no where and a player wants to leave, he should be able to negotiate an earlier release, maybe with arbitration involved in both cases.

6. ...Figure out how to cut up the league-controlled portion of player salaries based mostly on regular-season wins and then on playoff success.

I think this is just unfair to players.  I mean, D-Will wants to win, but he is now stuck with the Nets, and he is going to miss out on millions of dollars under this system because his team sucks.

7. I’d come up with a no-tattoo bonus. Yeah, I know that ticks some of you off. Basketball is the ultimate television sport.

Uh, no.

8. I’d contract two to four teams. I’d make the remaining teams play four games per season in a satellite home city.

Contraction might help, but I'd rather the league give out more D-League franchises and let the best one replace the crappiest NBA team.  For example, look at this quote from Stern:

“Well, for sure Kansas City. … There’s a brand new building in Pittsburgh, there’s a good building in St. Louis, there’s a good building in Tampa/St. Pete. … I know [Anaheim's Honda Center has] got some years on it but I’m told it’s a serviceable building.

I would give Pittsburgh a team, let them get there brand ready and compete for the D-league title and if they win they replace the shitty team in the NBA.  Now I wouldn't base this on one season alone, I'd probably average the win loss record of a team based on 2-3 seasons (give them the chance to rebuild) at first and then start demoting them one team every year and the promoted team would automatically get the 1st pick overall.


And those are my thoughts on Whitlocks article.  

Here is the link again, since I usually suck at linking:

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