Comparing minutes played by core players on future contenders

Most would agree that minutes played, more so than age, is the better indicator of when a player might start to decline. Around 30,000 minutes played is kind of the measuring stick.

Taking into account these two things, I thought it would be a good idea to make a quick FanPost laying out the minutes played for core players on their respective future contenders (Chicago, Miami, Oklahoma City).

Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose = 8,396

Carlos Boozer = 18,140

Joakim Noah = 6,668

Luol Deng = 16,461


Surprisingly, Noah has the least amount! And Boozer, despite being 29 already, only has around 18,000. What does this mean for us? Well, not only is our future a bright one, it's also a long one.


Miami Heat

LeBron James = 24,681

Dwyane Wade = 20,132

Chris Bosh = 21,169


Woah. LeBron, the youngest of the three, has close to a staggering 25,000 minutes played. And that's a pretty legitimate 25k; all those years of carrying those Cavs teams deep into the playoffs, his full-throttle playing style, etc. Dwyane, the oldest, has the least amount at around 20,000, but with his reckless style of play and history of injuries, that might not be such a fresh 20k. Playing together with each other will most likely lessen the burden of future minutes on their bodies, but they're not exactly spring chickens.


Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant = 11,400

Russell Westbrook = 7,862

Kendrick Perkins = 10,189

James Harden = 3,541


Only did this one as a formality, lol.



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