Forecasting a road to the Eastern Conference Finals

One game at a time. I know this. 

Seriously I believe this NJ game might be the biggest game of the season.

WHY? Because it's always New Jersey!!!!! They always create problems for us! I digress. 

After watching the Heat lose to the the Thunder I'm not buying that they magically found the right formula to win the NBA title this season. Sorry ESPN. Sorry JVG you're a jackass. 

This is how I see things going down in the East... it's between the Bulls and Celtics

YES, A REMATCH OF THE GREATEST PLAYOFF SERIES IN THE HISTORY OF MAN. Minus - BG7 daaaamnnn!!!&Tyrus.. yeah and Tyrus he helped win game uno. 

Assuming the Bulls take hold of the 1st seed in the East they should meet the Pacers/Cats and Magic in the first and second rounds. Thats my best case. 

The team I fear the most other than Boston isn't the Magic or Heat but the ATL. The Hawks are a matchup I have extreme apprehension of seeing in the second round. 

The Magic and Hawks will most likely have a dogfight in the first round assuming things stay the same. Those teams seem to always be dangerous because nothing is a cake walk with such closely matched teams. That may create some issues for the Bulls in the second round after playing a bottom feeder. Sorry Mike, sorry Larry! (Not that they even read this)

I'm not saying Orlando would be a cakewalk but since their trades I just haven't seen the same threat as past Magic teams. Still Howard will be a little bitch or big bitch and that could go seven. Or six. Or seven. Who knows. 

I think it would be better for the Celtics to fight off the Heat and those NBA refs in the second round for us. It's not the HEAT that I really fear it's the NBA ref's and how poorly they call games with Wade and LeBron.  Honestly I fear....... ''The Boshtrich'' his pump fakes and long silly strides to the basket then the ugly antics after. Don't want. LIKE A BOSH I had to. 

First things first and thats NJ.... because it's always NJ!

       Sasha Vujacic Winning 






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